Ray Fisher’s Justice League Tweet Confirms His Issues With DC’s Geoff Johns Still Stand

Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Justice League

2017’s Justice League has gotten a lot of attention on two fronts lately. In one corner, we have Zack Snyder’s Justice League, a.k.a. the Snyder Cut, in the works for HBO Max, which will play out as a much different movie compared to what was shown in theaters. In the other corner, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has been publicly chronicling his journey to ensure that director Joss Whedon is held accountable for being “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” during the movie’s reshoots period, behavior that Fisher claims producers Jon Berg and Geoff Johns enabled.

Now Ray Fisher has shared his latest update, and it involves Walter Hamada, the president of DC Films, supposedly asking Fisher to specifically stop targeting Geoff Johns. As Fisher posted on Twitter:

So you can better understand how deep this goes: After speaking out about Justice League, I received a phone call from the President of DC Films wherein he attempted to throw Joss Whedon and Jon Berg under the bus in hopes that I would relent on Geoff Johns. I will not. A>E

In case you haven’t been following Ray Fisher’s Justice League crusade closely, back in August, the actor wrote that when the the fifth DC Extended Universe movie was doing its LA-based reshoots, Geoff Johns called him into his office to admonish him for “take grievances up the proper chain of command,” as well “made a thinly veiled threat” to Fisher’s career. Now Fisher claims that more recently, Walter Hamada called to make some sort of deal with him which would involve Joss Whedon and Jon Berg facing repercussions, but not Johns.

Clearly Ray Fisher is not willing to agree to that deal, so it remains to be seen what the next step forward in this process is. Still, things seems to be going in Fisher’s favor right now, as two weeks ago, the actor revealed that after five weeks of “interviews with various cast/crew,” Warner Bros launched an “independent third-party investigation to get to the heart of the toxic and abusive work environment created during Justice League reshoots.”

Geoff Johns has been part of DC Comics for over 20 years and has written titles centered on many of DC’s most famous characters, including Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and the Teen Titans. In addition to his Justice League contributions, Johns has also been a producer on all the DCEU movies from the last four years, as well as TV shows like Titans and Stargirl. In 2018, Johns stepped down as both President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment to focus more on DC creative endeavors, including writing the Green Lantern Corps script.

Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more updates on how Ray Fisher’s Justice League campaign is coming along, and be on the lookout for Zack Snyder’s Justice League hitting HBO Max sometime in 2021. Find out what DC movies are headed to theaters in the near future with our handy guide.

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