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Why AMC’s Head Honcho Is Confident People Will Return To Movie Theaters

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One of the biggest questions that’s hung in the air when it comes to the world of movie theaters is not just when, but if audiences will return with confidence before 2020 is over. While we’ve seen various regions reopening, and in some cases closing again, throughout the world, it’s something that people like AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron have weighed in on numerous occasions. And according to that man’s opinion, he is confident people will indeed return to theaters because of his faith in the theatrical experience.

Though that’s not the only factor that seems to be working in audiences' favors in the year of quarantine. As Variety reported from a recent quarterly financial call with AMC, Adam Aron firmly believes that being able to watch a movie on a huge screen is a valuable asset in the world of post-isolation. In addition to being a larger-than-life experience, Aron also admitted it’s part of what people are looking for at times like this: something to do. As he put it:

There are certain advantages to watching a film on a 40-foot screen to watching it on a 40-inch screen. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that people will do anything to get out of their house or their apartment. If you told me right now I could go spend three hours at a hardware store, I would tell you that’s an exciting afternoon.

While three hours at the hardware store of your choice might not have been a fun romp pre-COVID, in the current world, those paint samples are looking about as interesting as Christopher Nolan trying to invert the flow of time. So obviously something as fun as seeing Tenet in a movie theater would be a welcomed respite from current events. And with the measures that theaters like AMC have been taking, it sounds like movie theaters might not be as repellant as previously thought.

The company has even gone to the lengths of showing what the theatrical and concession purchase experience will look like, should AMC Theatres customers decide they want to try and go back to the movies. As new movies are slowly coming back into theatrical exhibition, we’ll start to see just how safe the movie theater experience truly is. Which, in turn, still has films like Wonder Woman 1984 and the newly trailer’d Dune undating their trailers, in hopes that maybe 2020 will give the world a break for a chance.

Ultimately, the question of whether the movies will be the happening place to go once again is going to be decided by you, the consumer. If theaters are open in your area, and should you feel safe enough to partake, films like Tenet and Unhinged are now playing at a theater near you. Popcorn, as always, is optional.

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