Theater Owners on The Future of Movie Theaters

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With the box office hitting zero for the first time, and major releases leaving the schedule as far ahead as June (as of this episode), we're all painfully curious as to what this means for the theatergoing experience of the future.

Phil Contrino, the Director of Media and Research at NATO (The National Association of Theater Owners) joins us to discuss what is happening to businesses in the industry right now, what these delays and VOD release mean for the future of theaters, and what patrons can do to help support their local theaters. After this fascinating discussion, we move on to discuss how this could potentially affect the Oscar race, and we look at what's hitting VOD and streaming this week.

This week's BlendGame is in honor of the great Jessica Chastain! The guys take a look at her awesome filmography, and must choose which of her works is their favorite. Next week, you can play along using #NeedleDropBlend on Twitter to let us know your FAVORITE music drop in a film.

5:28 - Weekly Poll: Which early VOD release will you pay to stream?

11:27 - NATO's Phil Contrino

50:08 - Will this effect the Oscars?

1:03:59 - This Week In Movies

1:25:23 - #JessicaChastainBlend

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