The Craft: Legacy’s Trailer Broke The Internet, And People Can’t Get Enough

The coven in The Craft: Legacy

Measuring the success of movies is a tricky thing. After all, there's box office, reviews, and possible awards to contend with. But certain projects gain more popularity and iconography years after its release, becoming a cult classic in the process. 1996 teen horror movie The Craft is one of those movies, and moviegoers will soon dive back into the world of angsty young witches with The Craft: Legacy. The sequel is arriving just in time for Halloween, and the first trailer made a serious impression on social media.

The Craft: Legacy is directed by Zoe Lister-Jones and will focus on a new generation of young witches coming into their power. Of course, the upcoming blockbuster has some very big shoes to fill, as the Andrew Fleming movie is beloved by so many. The first trailer was just released, and the reactions online are A+. Check one of those social media responses below.

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Same, though. While The Craft: Legacy does look like a vastly different movie than the original, it will have connections to the 1996 movie. The biggest hint of this in the first trailer featured an image of Feurizia Balk's character Nancy, which proved that the new installment was set in the same timeline. Plenty of people reacted to this reveal, but perhaps the most humorous is using the classic Leonardo DiCaprio meme from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

The coven of The Craft: Legacy is made up of four up and coming actress. While not exactly household names, they've each been seen in various projects prior to signing on to Zoe Lister-Jones' upcoming sequel/ standalone film. This includes actress Lovie Simons, who had previously appeared in Orange is the New Black and the OWN original series Greenleaf. Some folks posted out of excitement to see her play a witch in The Craft: Legacy, saying:

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As previously mentioned, the cast and crew have some very big shoes to fill when it come to The Craft: Legacy. Every line of the original 1996 movie is quotable, and it also features a stellar group of actresses and killer soundtrack. While audiences will be getting to know the new quartet of young witches, there are some folks online who wish the sequel was actually starring the likes of Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True. As one person posted on Twitter.

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Not going to lie, I kind of want two different Craft sequels now. Because while the trailer for Legacy shows that the movie is bringing something new to the franchise, it also would have been awesome reuniting with the original coven. What happened to Sarah, Nancy, and the rest of the group after the events of the original movie? Right now we've no indication, but it's possible that Legacy will answer some of these lingering questions.

The Craft: Legacy is also paying homage to the 1996 cult classic. This can be seen in the trailer alone, with the iconic line "We are the weirdos, mister" being uttered by the new protagonist played by Cailee Spaeny. One Twitter user also pointed out the cinematic parallels and visual nods to Andrew Fleming's movie, check it out below.

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Clearly director/writer Zoe Lister-Jones has an appreciation for the original Craft movie. And if the first trailer for Legacy is any indication, she's going to be adding plenty of easter eggs and nods for the countless fans of the original. And since it's set in the same universe, there's no telling how many narrative threads are pulled throughout the course of The Craft: Legacy's runtime.

Given how beloved The Craft is, there are obviously plenty of naysayers who might not be jazzed about seeing a new take on the classic '90s horror flick. The footage for Legacy had the potential to win over some folks, debuting the movie's new cast. That includes none other than David Duchovny, who make a few brief appearances throughout the first trailer.

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Since The Craft has such a special place in many moviegoers' hearts, the trailer for The Craft: Legacy has been met with some backlash. But there's also been audiences who were won over by the first glimpse into Zoe Lister-Jones' witchy vision. And those converts also took to social media to respond to the first trailer for the upcoming sequel.

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The conversation around The Craft: Legacy should only continue in the coming weeks, as we get close to its release at the end of the month. More footage and information about the movie's mysterious plot should arrive as well, giving context to what we were shown in the first trailer. We'll just have to see how the movie ultimately performs when it arrives straight to homes.

The Craft: Legacy is expected to arrive via video on demand October 28th, just days before the Halloween holidays. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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