Chris Hemsworth Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Thanking The Fans For Extraction’s Success

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction

The streaming wars have really heated up, with various outlets vying for supremacy. Netflix has been a strong figure in that world, releasing both TV and movie projects at impressive rates. The streaming service has had a slew of movie hits, but its most popular thus far has been Chris Hemsworth's Extraction. The action movie is expected to get a follow-up on Netflix, and Hemsworth can't stop, won't stop thanking the fans for its success.

Chris Hemsworth once again collaborated with The Russo Brothers on Extraction, playing protagonist Tyler Rake. Directed by Sam Hargrave, the movie featured a ton of dizzying action sequences and quickly went viral upon its release on Netflix. Extraction was recently nominated for some People's Choice Awards, and Hemsworth took to social media to the many fans who made this possible. As the Thor actor explained,

The People’s Choice Nominations came out today and myself and Extraction got a number of nominations. So thank you so much for your support for this film. As you know, it was Netflix’s biggest film of all time. And none of it was possible without all of you guys. I gotta say the People’s Choice Awards are the most special for me because it is the vote of the fans. It’s the vote of the People. It’s your voice saying that these are the films and the people that you love and support. We can’t thank you enough for that. We’d all be unemployed without you.

What a class act. Chris Hemsworth is an actor who has seen plenty of success over the past few years, but he clearly appreciates every opportunity. And when it comes to Extraction, the movie's popularity broke records for Netflix, with a success quickly put into development. That's because of the fans, the exact ones who helped nominate both the movie and Hemsworth's performance for People's Choice Awards.

Chris Hemsworth shared his message of thanks over on his personal Instagram page. The video was in response to Extraction's most recent success, this time its first award nominations. The correlation between the People Choice Awards and Extraction's place as the #1 Netflix movie of all time can't be more clear, as it highlights how much audiences truly connected to the movie's pulse-pounding action.

You can check out Chris Hemsworth's full video below, thanking the countless Netflix subscribers for helping making Extraction so popular. After all, it's that same audience that voted for The People's Choice Award nominations. We'll just have to see if the streaming blockbuster takes any of the prizes home.

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Narratively, Extraction was definitely left open for a sequel. Chris Hemsworth's Tyler Rake was left ambiguous during the final shootout scene, as he fell into the river upon seeing Ovi was safe. And in the epilogue, a shadowy figure resembling Rake is shown reuniting with the boy. Just what Extraction 2 will be about remains a mystery.

Joe Russo wrote the screenplay for Extraction, while also serving as producer on the streaming action flick. Russo already admitted to having plans for future Tyler Rake movies, with the project in its earliest stages of development. We'll just have to wait and see when that movie begins active production, especially with Chris Hemsworth's continued gig as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Unvierse.

Extraction is currently streaming on Netflix. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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