Happy Death Day’s Jessica Rothe Discusses Her Hopes For A Third Film

Jessica Rothe holding axe in Happy Death Day 2U

As things presently stand, Happy Death Day 3 , also known as Happy Death Day To Us, seems to be in a good place. While things looked dire for a while, writer/director Christopher Landon reignited hopes for the trilogy capper last month by confirming that the sequel was in active development, and one individual who is particularly excited about the development is star Jessica Rothe.

The actress, who plays time-looping protagonist Tree Gelbman in Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U, recently did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and during the conversation was asked about the future of the sci-fi/horror franchise. She revealed that she has had the chance to go over the general details of the plot with Landon, and that it is of the utmost importance to her that the film be done properly, suggesting a willing patience for the sequel to come together:

It feels very important to both Chris and I that if we do have the opportunity to make a third film and finish the trilogy and finish Tree’s story, we want to do it right. I feel so much love and so much deep protection over her as a character, her as a final girl and her as a role model for young women and people of all ages. So I would never want us to sacrifice her story and her journey just to make it something smaller than it deserves to be.

Continuing, Jessica Rothe added that there is a sincere recognition of the challenge that comes with making sequels, and that she is apparently as interested as anyone to see where it all goes. Said the actress,

Making any kind of follow-up film is always really tricky since you want to make sure it lands the right tone and in the right place. So I’ll be interested to see if we’re lucky enough to find that right place and find the right way to conclude that story.

First released in October 2017 as providing perfect fodder for those in the Halloween spirit, the first Happy Death Day was a sizable hit when it came out, netting north of $125 million at the global box office, and in the wake it was no surprise that a sequel got the greenlight. Unfortunately, Happy Death Day 2U wasn't given the same spooky holiday boost, hitting theaters in mid-February 2019, and ended up making about half as much money.

To the dismay of fans excited about the potential stories that could be told after the second movie's big conclusion, the underwhelming ticket sales resulted in a negative atmosphere surrounding the possibility of a Happy Death Day 3. Fortunately, things have taken a swing towards the positive in the last year-and-a-half, with Christopher Landon telling Empire last month that he was working on the sequel's script.

Jessica Rothe is clearly anticipating the possibility of making a third movie playing Tree Gelbman, but what seems to excite her even more than making Happy Death Day 3 is the opportunity to collaborate with Christopher Landon again. Asked about the title of the developing movie, Rothe said,

Chris Landon’s brain works in so many brilliant and unpredictable ways, and so I’m sure that title knocked around in his brain for a while. But I would follow him to the ends of the Earth, whether it’s on a Happy Death Day Tree, Happy Death Day To Us or a different project. I just think that he is one of a kind.

Obviously things are still in the early days with Happy Death Day To Us, but we here at CinemaBlend are most definitely excited for the sequel to happen, and will keep you updated with all of the latest news about the project as it's announced.

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