Happy Death Day 3? Jessica Rothe Talks Possibility Of Another Movie

Happy Death Day 2U

The first Happy Death Day movie came out in 2017 and while it wasn't a massive blockbuster, it was a solid box office success that met with critical acclaim as well. This resulted in one of the faster sequel productions in recent film history and Happy Death Day 2U was released less than two years later. That film was met with equally solid reviews, but a smaller than expected box office take has made a third film in the series a question mark. However, star Jessica Rothe believes that a third movie will happen, though she's prepared to wait for it.

Happy Death Day 2U basically demands another movie based on the way it ended, but no movie was given the green light following the sequels release the way it was after the first film. All indications from the powers that be, specifically Blumhouse chief Jason Blum, have been that a third film is unlikely at best, but Jessica Rothe recently told ComingSoon that she believes it will happen although the timeline for when that could happen is much longer than you might guess, at least if she ends up being correct. According to Rothe...

I think it’s just a question of seeing if the opportunity for that exists in the world. But the funny thing is I have a feeling whether it’s now or in five years or ten or twenty, if we pull a Jamie Lee Curtis from Halloween and Tree comes back as a badass 50-year-old, I know that we will get to tell the rest of the story. I love Tree, I love that character so much and I feel very, very grateful to have been a part of that.

It's not an entirely crazy idea. We've seen more than our share "long delayed" sequels in recent years, and so the idea that down the road people might be ready for another Happy Death Day movie could end up being true. The Happy Death Day movies have their fans, and the movies well regarded by critics, which is the sort of recipe that leads to other people who maybe missed them the first time around discovering them as time goes on. As more people check them out, more fans are created and more people want to see the trilogy resolved leading to interest in making the movie because the audience, at least in theory, is now much larger.

And since the Happy Death Day movies aren't all that big a financial risk, they're not super expensive, the odds of somebody down the line being willing to take that risk are better than average.

Christopher Landon, the brains behind the Happy Death Day films has said that he knows where the third movie would go, so if anybody does want to move forward on the project, it seems likely all the right people will get on board.

Most fans probably don't want to wait until Jessica Rothe is 50 to see a Happy Death Day 3. Hopefully somebody will decide to finish out the trilogy before then.

Dirk Libbey
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