Nicole Kidman Reveals One Regret About A Change She Made For Hollywood

Nicole Kidman in Atlanna in Aquaman
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Nicole Kidman is obviously a Hollywood goddess, but that doesn’t mean it has come easy. The seemingly ageless Oscar-winning actress is somehow in her ‘50s now, and with that comes reflection about one’s younger years. The Big Little Lies star keeps things honest these days, speaking about her insecurities as a young actress when she was coming on to the scene. And her regrets?

The actress also opened up to The Sydney Morning Herald about a couple of adjustments she made to Hollywood that she perhaps would not have done today. In her words:

Do I wish that I hadn't screwed up my hair by straightening it all the time? Sure.

As audiences will remember, Nicole Kidman naturally has curly locks, which she no longer dons quite as often due to some hair damage. The actress was pressured enough to straighten her hair that it sounds as though her curly-haired days are over. It’s a word from the wise, embrace your beautiful curls if you have them!

The actress also got candid about another aspect she perhaps regrets but ended on a sunny message about the power of recognizing her mistakes as growth:

I've had skin cancer; do I wish I'd been more careful with the sun? Yes, to all those things. But am I grateful to be around? Oh, yeah. And am I willing to share my knowledge, what I've learnt along the way? Absolutely.

What a beautiful thing to hear from Nicole Kidman. The 53-year-old celebrity does have a few regrets here and there about some things but, overall, they sound pretty trivial compared to her acceptance that life is a learning experience. And with her platform, she’s also open to sharing what the years have taught her.

Kidman has come a long way since her breakout roles, such as her early work with Stanley Kubrick and Tom Cruise on Eyes Wide Shut. In the past few years alone, the actress has starred in some great dramas like Destroyer, Boy Erased, The Goldfinch and Bombshell. She also played Aquaman’s mom in the DC hit and memorably played Celeste on Big Little Lies.

The actress is heading to HBO again this Sunday for The Undoing with Hugh Grant, a limited series that centers on a therapist played by Kidman And soon, she'll also star in The Prom, a Netflix musical starring Meryl Streep, James Corden, Keegan-Michael Key and Kerry Washington. Check out the trailer below:

We’re so excited to see her take on another musical after Moulin Rouge and Nine. The actress is currently filming another show based on another work from the author of Big Little Lies, Liane Moriarty. Nine Perfect Strangers stars Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Regina Hall, Michael Shannon, Samara Weaving, Bobby Cannavale and Manny Jacinto and is expected to air in 2021. Check out what else is coming in 2021 with CinemaBlend’s release schedule.

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