George Clooney's Midnight Sky Trailer Brings A Snowy Apocalypse To Netflix

There’s two types of disaster movie that movie fans are quite familiar with: ones that show a bad day in space and those that show a bad day on Earth. Things break, oceans rise, oxygen is sparse, and hope is ultimately either reinforced or dashed. But what if you mixed those two movies together, and had George Clooney star and direct the resulting flick? That hypothetical isn’t a dream anymore, as the Academy Award winning actor/director is working his magic again for Netflix in the snowy apocalypse known as The Midnight Sky.

The Midnight Sky George Clooney in the snow

On the earthbound side of things, you have George Clooney playing a lone scientist inhabiting a snowy outpost with his young daughter. After some sort of event that’s left Earth uninhabitable, he has to get ahold of the spaceship Aether whose crew is about to return home from a spacebound voyage. Only they totally shouldn’t, as Earth is uninhabitable. The ship’s crew is much safer where they are, and if Clooney’s protagonist can reach a more powerful antenna, they might just have a shot at surviving.

In the spacefaring portion of The Midnight Sky, we’re going to see a lot more star power joining George Clooney in his 2-in-1 ecological/interstellar disaster drama. Rogue One’s Felicity Jones, Alien: Covenant’s Demian Bechir, First Man’s Kyle Chandler, and The Cloverfield Paradox’s David Oyelowo all see the stars up close and dangerous yet again. For an all-star cast, Clooney really deserves credit for selecting a lot of people who know how to handle space travel, whether it be disastrous or historical. They’re going to need it, as a lot of challenges await their trip back home; besides the fact that they really don’t have a home to go back to.

The Midnight Sky looks like an absolutely stunning science fiction film, which might have potential fans running to their local bookstore, as it’s an adaptation of the novel Good Morning, Midnight by author Lily Brooks-Dalton. Though looking even further into the movie’s credits, it’s no surprise that George Clooney is bearded and running through the snow in this film, as screenwriter Mark L. Burns also helped adapt The Revenant from page to screen. We sure hope for the sake of Clooney’s character that there aren’t any polar bears to be found in this adventure. Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting to find this title in the wild with anticipation and excitement, as the ever growing Netflix library looks to have a stellar hit on their hands.

The Midnight Sky will light up screens in limited theatrical release at some point in December, with the streaming debut of this project coming on December 23rd. But don’t forget to check out our 2020 release schedule, which is not only still pretty habitable, it’ll be able to tell you what movies are still planted in the ground for the rest of the harvest season.

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