Will Anthony Daniels Ever Retire His C-3PO Character? Here's His Honest Answer

Star Wars has been around for more than four decades but since Disney purchased Lucasfilm we've seen more new Star Wars content in the last few years that nearly the entire run of the franchise combined. This has created a host of new characters for fans to fall in love with and it's also brought back a lot of fan favorites. Those that have played human characters look to have largely said their goodbyes to Star Wars, but when you play a droid, you can technically live forever. Of course, the actual actors can't so would C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels, even hang up his golden helmet. Certainly not any time soon according to the actor.

I had a chance to speak with Anthony Daniels ahead of this very special week that will see the actor voice C-3PO in two different projects. First, Tuesday will see the release of The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special on Disney+, and then Thursday will be the release of Star Wars: Takes From the Galaxy's Edge, a new VR game from ILMXLab. With so much going on, I asked Daniels if he saw an end in sight for his performance of the character, and basically, not yet...

No, I'm never going to retire. They're going to have to throw me out the door...Life is not over, the films, may be taking a back seat for 3PO, for a very very long time, I would think. But there's all sorts of other media, particularly now with digital formats, that I'm so happy, and grateful and proud to be part of.

Anthony Daniels does say that he doesn't expect to be making movies as C-3PO anytime soon, if ever again, but that doesn't mean he's going to be done playing the role. Between animated opportunities, video games and other places where he can lend his voice, it appears that anyplace where the Star Wars universe needs our favorite protocol droid, he'll be there. He also teased at least one more project that is already planned where he will, or possibly already has brought C-3PO to life.

Anthony Daniels appearance in The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is minimal, but that makes the appearance feel that much more special. Based on what we've seen of Tales of the Galaxy's Edge a VR experience based around the theme park land at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, it appears he'll be a bigger part of that, though possibly not as much as we first thought, as at least part of the game has promised to be the first official look fans have had of The High Republic, the new era of Star Wars storytelling which is set hundreds of years before the prequels, and as such, it would take a pretty massive retcon to put 3PO there.

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday special hits Disney+ on Tuesday. The first episode of Star Wars: Tales of the Galaxy's Edge arrives on the Oculus Quest 2 on Thursday.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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