Even Hamilton Is Pushing To Normalize Mask-Wearing In Public

Hamilton and Burr in "The Room Where It Happens"

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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton has been a pop culture sensation for years, but its iconography recently reached new heights thanks to Disney+. A filmed stage performance from 2016 was recently released on the streaming service featuring the original principal cast, with countless subscribers downloading the application to be in the room where Hamilton happens. And now the show is using its platform to normalize mask-wearing in public.

Given Hamilton's popularity since it opened on Broadway in 2015, plenty of fans have subscribed to the show's various social media accounts. In fact, Hamilton's Twitter account has nearly 1 million followers. And with Broadway shut down amid global health concerns, Hamilton has posted encouraging followers to wear masks and help to flatten the curve. Check it out below.

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Tomorrow they'll be more of us, indeed. The above image is as light as you'd expect from Hamilton's social media presence, which has been delighting fans for years. The above image shows the silhouette of Lin-Manuel Miranda's title character alongside his friends and co-revolutionaries. This is from a production still in the song "The Story Of Tonight- Reprise" set at Alexander's wedding to Eliza. But this time they're rocking masks in a message about social distancing.

The above meme comes to us from the official Twitter of Hamilton, which is just a few subscribers away from hitting the 1 million followers mark. The image is captioned with "Raise A Glass. Wear A Mask". The former sentence is uttered a few times throughout Hamilton's first act, as Alexander and his buddies have a penchant for drinking while fighting in the Revolutionary War. The rhyme basically writes itself, in a simple but powerful message.

Hamilton is available exclusively on Disney+. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

The entertainment industry came to a halt as a result of current global health issues, with Broadway closed until January at the earliest. Disney+'s version of Hamilton is the closest we can get to being in a theater for the time being. This likely contributed to Hamilton's post about masks, encouraging these safety protocols in hopes of a return to normal.

Theaters closing also changed how Hamilton was released. The filmed stage production was originally intended with a theatrical run, and a release date next summer. But things changed when theaters closed. Instead, Hamilton came to Disney+, while the In The Heights was pushed back to next year. And just like that the Tony, Grammy, and Pulitzer winning musical came directly to homes.

Hamilton became an instant streaming hit when it arrived on Disney+ just weeks ago. The streaming service has reported a spike in downloads for the application as a result, which is no doubt that the House of Mouse was hoping for. Hamilton's soundtrack also climbed to the top of the Billboard charts as a result, further proving how many people are consuming Lin-Manuel Miranda's work.

Hamilton is currently streaming in its entirety on Disney+. Check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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