Kristen Stewart Recalling Teaching Dan Levy How To Do Beer Tricks On Happiest Season Is Delightful

Dan Levy and Kristen Stewart in Happiest Season
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This Christmas season, Hollywood has paired together the unlikely, but lovely duo of Schitt’s Creek Dan Levy and Twilight’s Kristen Stewart to play gay best friends in Happiest Season. Sure, Stewart and Levy come from polar opposites worlds as far as the industry goes, but that gave them the opportunity to teach each other something new. Like beer tricks… you know, the usual.

Happiest Season was filmed in Pittsburgh ahead of COVID restrictions becoming the new normal on movie sets. So in between shoots, Kristen Stewart and Dan Levy bonded by going out a lot together. While talking about their time together on set, Levy started explaining the beer trick before cutting himself off and asking her ‘what do you call this act?’ It proceeded into this delightful interaction between the pair on morning television:

Stewart: Of all the things that we did, ‘Hey Dan, give me an anecdote, what did you guys do on set?’ Well, we exchanged our favorite books, we talked about Autobiography of Red, Kristen taught me how to smash a beer on my head [and then drink it].Levy: We’re like at the end of the night, anyway Kristen asks me if I’d like to participate in something which was the preface for this whole thing. And I said, ‘Sure.’ The idea is once you agree to it you have to do it. And you basically smash like a beer can on your head until it cracks open and then you chug the beer. And I tried it once, hit my head and was just like, ’This is not for me.’ Kristen of course does it flawlessly, finishes the beer, and I’m left holding a beer in my hand, like well this is why I wasn’t popular in high school.

K-Stew playfully shook her head at Dan Levy disclosing their beer-to-head experiences, leading the Schitt’s Creek creator, producer and star to also state they had a “cultural side” to their experience, also exchanging books with one another. It’s appearances like theirs on Today that showcase how electric their chemistry is going to be in Happiest Season. You can just imagine the badass Charlie’s Angel actress showing Levy how it’s done with a beer can as he quickly fails.

When CinemaBlend’s Corey Chichizola spoke to Kristen Stewart on the set of Happiest Season, the actress said she was “so in love” with Dan Levy. She also gushed about what he brought to the character of Abby’s best friend, who grounds her character in the midst of her going along with her girlfriend Harper (played by Mackenzie Davis) hiding their relationship from her family while she is there to celebrate with them. As the trailer shows, Levy will even venture to Harper’s home where Abby is staying to pretend to be her ex-boyfriend and hilariously continue the ruse.

Along with Kristen Stewart, Dan Levy and Mackenzie Davis, Happiest Season also stars Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Mary Steenburgen, Victor Garber and its writers, Mary Holland and Clea DuVall. The movie is skipping theaters to go straight to Hulu on November 25. Happiest Season has debuted with glowingly positive reviews; check out CinemaBlend’s review of the film before you stream it next week.

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