The Ridiculous Apple-Man Movie Met Its Kickstarter Goal And Is Now Happening

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Back in October, we covered one of the most ridiculous movie trailers I’ve ever seen. It was for a superhero spoof project called Apple-Man that was hoping to attract Kickstarter funding to expand. Well, that Kickstarter goal was reached, and now we’re going to get what will likely be the most entertaining commentary on health food in movie history.

In short, Apple-Man follows the title superhero and his trusty sidekick Cherry Woman as they battle the evil Dr. Burger-man. I’m confident you’re already pretty clear on the healthy vs unhealthy food symbolism, but just in case, be aware there are other characters including Pepper-Man, Captain Cabbage, Colonel Booze and Professor Sausage. I’ll let you figure out what sides they’re on. You can check out the delightful trailer below…

With the Kickstarter raising more than $120,000, director Vasyl Moskalenko will begin shooting a 20 minute version of Apple-Man this spring. Right now the plan is to shoot at a VR production studio and ultimately create a finished product that talks to viewers about eating healthy since that was ultimately the point of the project. Here’s Moskalenko talking about that goal more in depth…

Healthy food saves lives just like superheroes do. This is the message of our film. If you search the data from Center for Health Statistics, you will understand why… Statistics are boring to people, but when you look at unhealthy food ads - they are not boring at all. They are entertaining, catchy, sexy, viral. And they make people believe that unhealthy living is cool.

I’m very interested to see what the film chooses to focus on. Obviously we will get some commentary on healthy eating and probably some commentary on the superhero genre, of which there have been many good spoofs in the past. The graphics in the trailer above are way better than you would guess for a project like this. Clearly all involved are quite capable with effects; so, it’ll be interesting to see how action-heavy we get. This could be very action forward or it could be more plot with a few really over the top action pieces during the runtime. We’ll just have to wait for the finished product to find out.

Long story short, a huge congratulations to everyone involved with Apple-Man. Getting Kickstarter funding is not easy, but then again, neither is creating a compelling and funny comedy action trailer about a superhero called Apple-Man. There is definitely a lot of talent involved in the project, and I am eagerly awaiting the finished product. Hopefully, at that point, we’ll all be out of quarantine and ready to laugh and watch characters like Apple-Man get weird and deliver some zingers. Check back and we will let you know whenever the projected is finished and available to the general public. There’s no release date yet, but I would look toward late 2021 or early 2022.

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