Pretty Ricky Singer Has Thoughts After Being Banned From Walt Disney World For Punching Cast Member

Walt Disney World is supposed to be the place where dreams come true. However, for Spectacular Blue Smith of the band Pretty Ricky, it seems that his dreams will no longer be coming true at the most Magical Place on Earth. That's because the man has been banned for life from the theme park resort following a reported altercation with a cast member that left the Disney World employee with a concussion. Now, Smith has apparently spoken out about the incident, an is promising to give his more specific side of the story at some point in the future.

The incident took place last week at Disney's Animal Kingdom. According to the reports, Spectacular Blue Smith walked past a Walt Disney World cast member and faked a sneeze while saying the word "coronavirus." The cast member told Smith the joke wasn't funny, while Smith responded that he thought it was. The cast member then asked Smith to get out of line, and stopped him from progressing in the line when he refused. At that point Smith allegedly punched the cast member, knocking him to the ground.

Spectacular Blue Smith has been charged with misdemeanor battery and now, according to TMZ, has been officially banned from the rest of the theme park resort by Disney. Smith posted a statement to Instagram Stories (via USA Today) where he seemed to make reference to the incident. While he wasn't very specific about what happened, Smith appears to dispute the official media reports, and promises to tell his side of the story once he's legally able to do so. According to Smith...

The media will put out a one sided story even without facts, because they enjoy demonizing our culture and bring us down. It's sad. There's 2 sides to every story and since this story is bigger than me and the color of my skin, I'll wait till my attorney gives the green light. Thanks for your support. Love... Ps: Y'all know my character.

While it's certainly possible that there is more to the story, and it might matter as it regards the misdemeanor battery charge against Spectacular Blue Smith, it's unlikely to matter when it comes to the Walt Disney World ban. The company has complete discretion when it comes to who is allowed on property, and frequently bans are handed out for things that aren't illegal, simply against theme park policy, like refusing to wear a mask.

Recently, a man who snuck onto Walt Disney World property while it was closed and spent the night on Discovery Island was only given a minor fine in court for trespassing, but he's still banned, and something similar could be the end result here. Assuming that Spectacular Blue Smith does eventually speak out on what happened then this story likely isn't quite over yet.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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