Watch A Guy Get Thrown Out Of Disney World For Not Wearing A Mask While Trying To Quote A Bug's Life

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One of the big questions regarding Walt Disney World reopening was just how well the resort would be able to manage its guests in the new environment. While guests were expected to keep their distance and wear masks, nobody was quite sure how well those rules would be able to be enforced considering the sheer size of Disney World. Well, we now have a specific example of what happens when somebody doesn't abide by those rules, as a guest was recently caught on video being forcibly removed from Disney's Hollywood Studios for failure to comply with the mask policy, while he envokes Pixar's A Bug's Life to attempt to build up some sort of Disney World insurrection.

The video, captured by Bryan Bindman on Facebook, shows the gentleman in question being walked out of Disney's Hollywood Studios by park security, while he shouts to anybody who can hear him. He's clearly trying to get the Walt Disney World crowd on his side and so he even tries to use a Disney reference to make his point. Check it out...

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I'll give the guy some credit, he at least knows his audience. While he gets the quote slightly wrong, he references the character of Hopper from Pixar's A Bug's Life. While using the villain of a Pixar movie as your source might not be the best place to build your argument, the ultimate point is understandable. This guy wanted everybody in the park to follow his lead and remove their masks, with the idea being that if everybody did it, the park wouldn't be able to stop them all. The actual quote is...

You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up. Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life!

Unfortunately, he wasn't finding anybody sympathetic to his cause. The voices of the other guests you can hear in the clip are happy to say goodbye to this guy who was clearly looking to cause a disturbance. While he's not wearing a mask here, he had to have one on to get into the park in the first place, which means he had one and then removed it. The man was officially trespassed from Walt Disney World, so he won't be visiting the parks again anytime soon.

While this whole experience isn't what you'd call pleasant, it's honestly a good thing for anybody who is concerned about health and safety at Walt Disney World. The parks are seriously enforcing the mask policy and while security certainly can't be everywhere at once, it's clear that anybody not willing to comply won't be in the parks for long.

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