Jeff Bridges Shares Update Months After Cancer Diagnosis

Jeff Bridges The Big Lebowski

2020 has been the year of one bit of bad news after another. It's been a seemingly endless wave of everything you don't want to hear. Movie theaters are closed. We've lost some great talents to a global pandemic, and the Big Lebowski himself has cancer. It was only about two months ago that Jeff Bridges revealed to the world that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma. At the time, he was clearly approaching his diagnosis positively, and so far it appears to be working, as Bridges has recently posted an update on his status, and things seem to be going ok all things considered.

Jeff Bridges posted an update to his personal website, but he summarized it on Twitter. In short, he's feeling good, he shaved his head, and he got a dog. And if you're 71-years-old and you're feeling good and you have a dog, really what else do you need? The picture of Bridges and his new dog Monty certainly shows a guy who knows where his priorities are. Check it out.

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On his website, Jeff Bridges goes further, taking time to promote music, because it's something we all need and can't experience live right now, as well as the charity No Kid Hungry, because under the circumstances keeping people fed is all the more important right now. When Bridges first revealed his diagnosis he talked some on his website about how it had changed his perspective on things. Bridges is focusing his time while he gets treatment on the things he now realizes really matter.

The announcement from Jeff Bridges that he had cancer led to a flood of well wishes from friends and former co-stars. The actor clearly has a lot of people who think well of him. And Bridges himself has a lot of fans, having starred in more than one film that has a quite devoted fan base. Whether you're a fan of Tron or The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges means a lot.

While Jeff Bridges likely won't be working hard for the next while, and based on that picture, he's totally ok with that, fans will get to see him again before too long. Bridges had been filming a series for FX on Hulu titled The Old Man which is set to debut some time next year.

It's great to see that Jeff Bridges is doing well. He's one of those actors that, in addition to being a great talent, has always appeared to be a good person as well. There's certainly an element of the laid back Lebowski in Bridges that makes him easily likable. You'd expect he would take all this in stride and focus on the positives. Hopefully we'll continue to get updates like this through 2021 and Jeff Bridges will make a full recovery. It's what he deserves.

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