Jeff Bridges Posts A Cancer Battle Update That Will Warm The Hearts Of His Fans

Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy

When you become a celebrity, it seems like achieving that status requires that you be issued your own collection of haters. For every person who is a fan of a particular celebrity, there's somebody who has decided that person is overrated and will be more than happy to tell you why they feel that way. It's rare to find somebody in the public eye who is truly universally adored, but Jeff Bridges may be one of those people, a fact the actor himself has recently come to realize.

Jeff Bridges recently revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer. While his prognosis appears to be pretty good all things considered, there was a massive outpouring of support and well wishes for the Big Lebowski actor. Now, Bridges himself says that all the positive encouragement is having a very positive impact on his own well being, filling him with the same emotions that are being sent his way. On his official website, Bridges said...

New shit has come to light- I’ve got cancer. But that’s not the only shit that’s come to light. The cancer thing is bringing on feelings of preciousness & gratitude & good old fashion love, & lots of it big time. I’m feeling so much of it coming my way, & man I appreciate it. It’s contagious, all this love, like some sort of positive virus.

It's been said that keeping a positive mental attitude can actually help one recover physically, and so all the kind words and love that has been sent Jeff Bridges way from friends, fans, and co-stars, looks to be having just such an impact on the actor. He goes on in the post to thank everybody for their positivity and say that it all makes him feel good. The message from the actor includes a picture of him hooked up to an IV, but he looks to be in good humor.

The website is apparently something the actor has decided to use as a way to interact and reach out to fans. Jeff Bridges says that the cancer diagnosis has caused him to consider his mortality, and thus he doesn't want to waste time not sharing thoughts he feels are important. He goes on to share some general concepts in his post that he wants to put out in the world, everything from the fact that we need to "take care of our trees" to the idea that we're "all in this together." He really is The Dude.

The Jeff Bridges website looks like place where most of us could get a good dose of positive vibes for the foreseeable future, and fans of the actor will want to keep tabs on it as it will likely be the place to get the most up to date information on his treatment. We're certainly hoping to see Jeff Bridges beat this and we'll continue to send encouragement his way.

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