Cameron Diaz Thanks Fans For Support In Her Year Of Wine

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For some individuals, it’s been a year of self-improvement, of weight loss, home projects or even family additions from pups to kids. Cameron Diaz, however, blew through that baby milestone in 2019, so when the pandemic hit in 2020, she decided it was her year of wine. And in fact, she asked her fans to join her.

From fun TikTok challenges to recipes accompanying her brand new wine brand Avaline, Cameron Diaz really did make 2020 her year of wine. Over the holiday season, she also thanked those who have tried her varietals of Avaline wine, including the bubbly the brand had out just before the New Year. She stressed the importance of “support” in her Instagram message to fans:

From tagging your friends, to driving across state lines, and even sending your husbands to pick up a bottle on his way home from work, we would not be here without your support. Today we celebrate this community by raising a glass to you (& you & you). With big happy hearts, we Cheers To You!

Honestly though, Cameron Diaz has been doing a fine job of supporting her wine brand, though it likely helps that she has always really enjoyed a glass of wine in her personal life.  The actress has taken to social media numerous times to share her drinking experiences with her audiences, giving those who follow her the sort of vibe of feeling as if they are getting to drink and hang out with the former actress.

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She also has been fond of trying and sharing her attempts at a few party tricks, including showing fans how to drinking from a glass of wine held by a partner. If I'm being honest, there’s been a lot of wine-oriented content to delight in--and I have.

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Earlier this year in September, Cameron Diaz revealed her wine business with partner Katherine Power is going pretty swimmingly and had sold over 120,000 units at that time. It has also expanded out from just having a red and white type to choose from to adding a rosé and then a bubbly for fans to choose from. So, she really does have a lot to be thankful for as she embarks on this brand new chapter of her career.

Like her pal Gwyneth Paltrow, who now runs her own Goop brand, Cameron Diaz has cut back on acting over the years, getting into the business of presenting a lifestyle brand instead. In fact Cameron Diaz recently admitted she’s retired from acting, and certainly doesn’t miss being asked to do zany things for various movies, including running in heels, as she recently admitted happened during The Holiday (a movie that also features her sort-of drinking wine). We’ll keep you updated on how her fledgling wine brand continues to fare in the marketplace in 2021. If well, I'm guessing she'll celebrate with some bubbly.

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