Cameron Diaz Is Finally On TikTok, And Yes, There's Wine Involved

Cameron Diaz drinking wine in The Holiday screenshot

Cameron Diaz has lately been making a comeback in the public eye. Not as an actress, but as a brand ambassador, new mom and a sort of lifestyle guru, one who is very much into wine. She’s even getting into social media platforms at this point, even joining TikTok to have a little bit of fun.

If you know much about Cameron Diaz, you may already know she’s a big fan of wine. She sometimes talks about wine in interviews and she even has launched her own brand of wine Aveline. Which is why her first foray onto TikTok doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Though, I’m pleasantly surprised at how good the former actress already is at achieving attention on the platform.


Cameron Diaz joined TikTok to share a love of wine and wine challenges with her pal Katherine Power, who is her business partner in the wine industry. It’s a fitting choice for a first TikTok, given it came around the time she started doing Aveline press. She carefully even leaves the bottle of Aveline she’s drinking from in the video shot, which is just good marketing if you ask me. These days the wine challenge is a fairly common TikTok attempt, though Cameron Diaz is clearly more of a champ than some of the other ladies out there.


In fact, there are a lot of wine challenge fails out in the universe for you to peruse to your heart’s content. They kind of remind me of the first season of American Idol when everyone was rooting for a major fail to gape at.


What separates Cameron Diaz’s spunky video are a couple of things. First and foremost, that song choice, Enya’s classic “Only Time,” is spot on. Secondly, a lot of the people who are attempting the wine challenge barely get started and then they stop what they are doing before the glass is empty and prematurely celebrate. Not Cameron Diaz, Cameron Diaz is a champ. Maybe not in the way those beasts who do the shirtless handstand challenges are champs, but she's a champ nonetheless.


Of course there are some other leading ladies out there who are just as successful as Cameron Diaz at the craft of drinking wine from a glass a friend or lover holds in their mouth. These two also manage to successfully finish the whole glass of wine. You see that, all you TikTok people who didn’t finish?


Cameron Diaz was already pretty active on social media, particularly on Instagram, but let us hope this TikTok trend continues in the future, particularly if there’s going to be more wine involved. Hey lush, have fun, it’s the weekend.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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