Of Course Arnold Schwarzenegger's Official Welcome To 2021 Post Included An Animal And A Cigar

Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking a cigar.

The run up to and immediate aftermath of New Year’s Day is always popular for self-reflection messages and musings about what’s to come. Former California Governor and Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped his own such post a few weeks back as he recovers from a recent heart surgery. It largely slid on the radar given everything else going on in the world, but I want to circle back and talk about it for a few quick reasons.

One: I know smoking is out of fashion and rightfully so, but no one rocks a cigar like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have no idea how much he actually smokes, but there are tons of pictures floating around the Internet of him with a cigar hanging out of his mouth looking like he was born that way. There's even a supercut on YouTube. Everyone has certain accessories they pull off well and certain accessories they don’t. Every time he has a cigar in his mouth, he looks like he’s deservedly celebrating the defeat of every single one of his enemies. Two: get a load of his dog and how beautiful the scenery behind him is. I mean wow. Check this out…

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I feel like half the people I talk to tell me some version of “I could never live somewhere cold.” Yeah, well, look at this picture and tell me you wouldn’t want to look at this snow-covered view every day. You’ve got mountains, trees and a dog that looks like he’s perfectly home in the surroundings. The only thing you’re really missing is some moose or bison in the background. I’m sure if he stays in that hot tub long enough, though, he’ll see some.

The post itself is filled with some pretty great advice too, which is pretty standard from him. Finding joy, moving toward your vision and giving back if you can are three really basic and ideal things to shoot for in life. Some years everything comes easy and it feels like you take a million steps forward. Some years it’s like everything is in a holding pattern or even feels like it’s getting a bit worse. Just keep trying to move toward the vision of whatever life you want to have. That’s all you can do, and if you take some joy along the way, you’ll smile as you’re doing it, even if you don’t get as far as you’d like.

Schwarzenegger doesn’t work quite as much anymore as he used to, but he still has a handful of exciting projects on the horizon. He’s been talking about making a sequel to Twins. This time it’ll be called Triplets and add Eddie Murphy to the mix, who will join him and Danny DeVito who are both returning. He finished shooting King Fury 2 opposite Michael Fassbender, which is currently in post-production, and there have also been rumors of another Conan movie, though it’s not clear whether that’s actually going to happen or not. After all, a man needs to find time for a cigar, his dog and this view every once in a while.

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