How Arnold Schwarzenegger's Twins 2, Or Triplets, Wants To Use Eddie Murphy

Some sequels are too awesome to happen in a timely manner, and the folks behind Triplets are certainly hoping this statement holds true for their purposes. The time between Twins and its recently active sequel may prove to have been beneficial to the film's plot, as Eddie Murphy's potential role looks to use that gap as a catalyst for more laughs.

During a special black tie event overseas, Schwarzenegger gave some updates on the long developing Triplets, and how Murphy would fit into the project. Fan site The Arnold Fans picked up on the following information pertaining to how Murphy's hypothetical third brother will come into play during the course of Triplets' first act. Arnold's description was as follows:

The idea was to have Danny Devito, myself with Eddie Murphy, be all of a sudden, the other twin - the triplet that we find. It comes out that after our mother dies. The will gets read out loud, and it says you get this, and you get this and your OTHER brother gets this. And we are like, 'What, what other brother?' And then we discover that there is something off here. Then we find out about the experiment that was made, and there was some black person involved.

So the years of distance that writer Josh Gad has built into his script for Triplets will see Jules and Vincent reuniting for the reading of their mother's will, only for the revelation of a third brother to keep them together. Obviously intrigued by the presence of a Murphy's brother, the triplets will start to ask some deep questions about their existence. Quite possibly, this reveal may send them on another road trip, this time searching for their true father. Of course, for all of the possible routes that this story could take, there's one hurdle that stands in the way of Triplets going in front of the cameras.

In order for Triplets to work, Eddie Murphy still has to decide whether to join the project or not. It wasn't too long ago that Murphy was talking about how his "check movie" days were over, so money will obviously be no way of getting the Beverly Hills Cop actor to return to the comedy circuit. Meaning that whatever Josh Gad's script for Triplets involves, it at the very least needs to get Murphy interested enough to do the film on a purely artistic level. Or, quite possibly, the script will have to make him laugh enough that he'd be pleased as anything to be a part of it.

For the time being, Triplets exists as two things and two things only: a script written by Josh Gad, and a project Arnold Schwarzenegger really hopes will get off of the ground. Should it falter, Triplets wouldn't be the first promised sequel to die out as quickly as it came to be. But considering how much of a labor of love the project seems to be for both Gad and Schwarzenegger, it would be kind of sad to see all of the work that's been put into the film go to waste. For now, we'll just have to wait and see if any future developments keep Triplets going, and when we hear something new, we'll let you know first.

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