Marvel Fan Art Imagines Henry Cavill As Captain Britain

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is enjoying a slight return to normalcy through WandaVision, there’s still a greater cinematic picture to be considered. That vast universe is starting to break into some rather interesting, and dare we say mind-bending corridors, and with the multiverse about to open up it seems there’s room for a ton of other heroes to make their debut. Thanks to some fan art posted online, we have a pretty impressive look at one such contender, as Captain Britain has recently been envisioned as being played by Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

Crafted by artist Arkin Tyagi, we have one breathtaking look at what Brian Braddock’s superpowered alter-ego may look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And even better, Cavill’s potential casting in the role has been depicted in full costumed regalia though Tyagi’s Instagram post shared below. The final touch that really seals the deal is the fact that Captain Britain is shown to us in true comic book style, looking like we could be holding an issue of his solo book in our very hands.

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Let’s judge Henry Cavill’s appearance as the character, before we jump into any further complications. For a role that’s seen the likes of both Orlando Bloom and Simon Pegg once mentioned as candidates, the Captain Britain look is something that absolutely fits Cavill to a tee. And in all fairness, the actor’s experience in the world of comic films has definitely given him an upper hand, as he’s pretty much still in the physically demanding shape that a Marvel commitment requires. So unless Pegg wants to give Kumail Nanjiani’s MCU transformation story a run for its money, Cavill could be the one that Marvel is looking for.

This is, of course, in the face of the largest caveat present in this Captain Britain discussion: the question of whether or not Henry Cavill would jump ship over to Marvel at this point in time in his career. While it’s not uncommon for actors to vault over the fence between DC and Marvel’s movie machines, it still feels like Cavill’s time in the DC Extended Universe (or what passes for it these days) isn’t finished just yet. The reaction to Zack Snyder’s Justice League could give us a better view into whether or not this conversation is a going concern, as the possibility of restoring the SnyderVerse might give Henry Cavill some more time in the DC sandbox.

Fans and artists dream casting a role such as this, before there’s even a whisper of an official plan of action, is normal and exciting these days. As Marvel Studios stands poised to dive into the multiverse, Captain Britain would be a character that Kevin Feige would surely want to use, as every universe has their own Captain Britain of their own. Should the stars and contractual obligations align, Henry Cavill just might be one of them; but no one can be sure until those official announcements arrive.

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