Billie Eilish’s The World's A Little Blurry First Trailer Gives Us An Intimate Look Behind-The-Scenes

Billie Eilish and brother Finneas perform in 2019

Fans who have kept up with Billie Eilish, the popular singer of such hits as “Ocean Eyes” and “Bad Guy” may know she records with her brother, producer and musical talent in his own right Finneas. In addition, she’s known for recording out of the comfort of her home and even for spending an inordinate amount on Froot Loops. However, we’re finally getting a look at her new Apple TV doc The World’s A Little Blurry and seeing an intimate look at her recording process and her family life as well.

What seems to be so different about The World’s A Little Blurry over a lot of other usual documentaries is Billie Eilish’s youth. The singer shot to fame in 2017 as a teen and is only now 19 years old. She records with her brother and their parents are also heavily involved and generally seem to be cool people. They factor prominently in the first look at the upcoming Apple TV+ project.

Billie Eilish's parents Maggie Baird and Patrick O'Connell factor prominently in the Apple TV+ documentary first look, as they talk about Billie navigating fame as a young woman. The singer is a stickler for getting things right, and we see the upcoming Bond performer repeat lines over and over again until the lyrics sound just as she wants them to. Her parents talk about how music has been a channel for her and the "depressed" generation of teens that have bonded with her music. In one memorable moment her father leaves would-be viewers with one piece of advice.

You have to have faith, live your best life. Because, what else?

For Billie Eilish, that best life has been recording music since she was still a young teenager. She's had myriad radio hits at this point. Last year was expected to be an even bigger year for the singer, as she tackled the Bond No Time To Die song with her brother Finneas. That movie has shifted release dates a bunch and is now expected to open on October 8 of this year, though there's been some argument in favor of postponing the film into 2022. Meanwhile, Eilish's music may earn an award before the film is ever even in theaters.

While major music tours for the most part have still been shut down, through R.J. Cutler's The World's A Little Blurry, her fans can stick with the singer and delve into her world a little bit. The new documentary film is expected to hit Apple TV+ on February 26, 2021.

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