Kevin Smith Drops F-Bomb While Revealing How Inspired He Is By Ethan Suplee's Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Typically when we look back at movies such as Mallrats nowadays, which is now over 25 years old, looking at the then vs. now cast list isn’t always the most rewarding exercise. But the cast of Kevin Smith’s cult classic not only holds up, but some of the cast actually look better than they did while they were filming the movie. Exhibit A is 44-year-old Ethan Suplee, who went from weighing somewhere well over 500 pounds to straight up having visible abs right now.

The actor, who's also known for his roles in Remember the Titans and Chasing Amy, got super serious about his physical health and is really ripped now. He recently shared a jarring before-and-after photo on Instagram, and Kevin Smith is sharing his support. Check it out:

Ethan Suplee weight loss journey instagram post with Kevin Smith comment

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Kevin Smith commented on Ethan Suplee’s incredible progress pics by calling the comedy actor “inspiring as fuck.” He also said the photo was motivating him to do better as well. Now it's one thing to get one’s weight down, but Ethan Suplee has gone the extra mile by working out regularly and seeing some really impressive results. There’s no better way to put it than how Smith did!

Ethan Suplee has been open about his experiences working on his weight loss this past year, admitting that he has lost and gained over 1000 pounds over the course of his life. The actor said at one point, he lost a significant amount of weight, and it became tough to sell himself as an actor because Hollywood knew him for looking a certain way and he gained some of it back.

Nowadays, Ethan Suplee has been able to stick with his weight and grab some worthwhile roles, such as in The Hunt, Good Girls, The Ranch and Motherless Brooklyn. Even during quarantine, where it’s become increasingly difficult to go to a gym or maintain a healthy lifestyle, he has been able to achieve this, attributing much of his success to diligently planning his meals out.

Kevin Smith also had a wild weight loss transformation back in 2018 after suffering a major stroke. He was able to drop 51 pounds by diving into the Weight Watchers program and becoming a vegan. Smith hasn’t gone as far as going into the workout game, but that’s perfectly ok! He’s still looking nice and healthy. Though maybe Ethan Suplee will in fact inspire him as he commented on Instagram.

The pair will reportedly return to their Mallrats characters for the sequel Kevin Smith wrote last year, set to be called Twilight of the Mallrats. You can also expect to see Ben Affleck’s Shannon Hamilton have a “redemption arc” in the exciting release too. After how good Jay and Silent Bob Reboot turned out, we’re all in.

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