Ethan Suplee Has Officially Hit The Visible Abs Portion Of His Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Getting in shape is rarely easy, as getting the motivation to take the first step can be hard for some people. However, there are many who set weight goals for themselves and are able to see them through. One such person is Ethan Suplee, whose physique has changed tremendously since he first entered Hollywood. Although the actor is currently ripped, he’s still working on himself and is setting those personal goals. Just recently, he announced that he’d reached the phase of his weight loss journey that involves gaining visible abs, and he took to social media to show off his progress.

Ethan Suplee still believes he has more to do, but his abs are a sure sign that he’s still heading in the right direction. You can check out his Instagram post down below:

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It’s great to see Ethan Suplee is feeling good and getting the body he wants as he continues to hit new goals. Though given the fact that he’s not complacent, it’s not surprising that he already has another objective on his mind:

Last year I set a goal of having visible abs, here’s where I got to. This year I would like visible obliques. It’s going to be a wonderfully tough year.

Suplee’s post also got a bit reflective, as he looked back on the road he’s been on for the past few years. He continued by saying:

I have successfully lost weight with every diet I stuck to in the past 20 years, but my goal was never more than that, lose weight. @rpdrmike opened my eyes to “maintenance periods,” and it’s really been within these that my goals have been refined and pinpointed.

2020 was a difficult year for gym lovers, as many were confined to their homes for months due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This didn’t stop Ethan Suplee, though, as he was able to maintain a steady workout routine even while he was in quarantine.

In the past, Ethan Suplee has stated that he’s lost and gained at least 1,000 pounds over the course of his life. The actor has explained that it was an encounter with actor Jim Caviezel that inspired him to lose the weight. Based on his recent social media post, the journey hasn’t always been easy for him. With that, one can’t help but be happy for him, as he continues to put in the work and not take shortcuts in the process.

And of course, when Ethan Suplee isn’t working out, he’s still landing roles in films and TV shows like The Hunt and Good Girls. We love to watch someone succeed in both their professional and personal lives, and it goes without saying that Suplee is a true inspiration to those who regularly work out and anyone looking to take that first step.

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