Eddie Murphy Is Hysterical In New Coming 2 America Trailer, But Wesley Snipes Is Having The Most Fun

After over 30 years, and a slight hitch in its releasing strategy, Eddie Murphy’s long-awaited sequel Coming 2 America is finally making its way to audiences through the power of Amazon’s Prime Video! While we did previously get a quick look at what’s to come from this latest trip between New York and Zamunda, a second trailer has been released showing more of this hysterical and star-studded affair in action. The good news: it absolutely looks like it’s been worth the wait. And while Murphy is showing a lot of star power, here, Wesley Snipes looks to be having the most fun.

Now the sovereign ruler of Zamunda, King Akeem (Eddie Murphy) and trusted royal advisor/friend Semmi (Arsenio Hall) are tasked with heading back to America for a very specific purpose: meeting the son that Akeem never knew he had, Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler). As only a male heir can inherit the throne, these new developments present trouble for the royal family, and an opportunity for enemies of the crown to seize power. Of course, seeing as it’s Coming 2 America we’re talking about, this solemn-sounding storyline is going to be packed with punchlines, sight gags, and plenty of barbershop jokes to make fans old and new howl with laughter. Especially with a cast that includes Tracy Morgan, Wesley Snipes, and Leslie Jones in the fun and games.

A good portion of that laughter is going to come from some of the antics on display through Coming 2 America’s ensemble cast. While Eddie Murphy is undoubtedly in top form through his several personas in this classic comedy universe, it’s hard not to enjoy Wesley Snipes’ General Izzi plotting his big takeover of Zamunda. Even with an absolutely stacked cast, where everyone gets to grab a handful of laughs at any given moment, Snipes is a pretty impressive presence. To think that he somehow missed out on nabbing a role in Coming To America.

Something as simple as gunning down a royal portrait, or even just walking into a room, brings out the comedic energy that helped make Wesley Snipes a star in the first place. Seeing Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes reunited after their similarly impressive work through Craig Brewer’s Dolemite Is My Name is a comforting thing, and Coming 2 America seems to have amped that potential up with an all-star roster of talent, and a comedy sequel that has been in the making for quite some time.

As Coming 2 America is getting ready to crown the world with laughter as a Prime Video exclusive, and with Amazon putting down quite a bit of money to make it happen, fans are still in need of some reasons to trust that this legacyquel will be something worth signing up for. Two trailers have come to do the job of making that sale, and the results seen both times just seem to promise that this is one of those occasions where waiting as long as we have is absolutely worth it. It won’t be long before the world reaches a final verdict, as March 5 is the date that royal laughter may once again fill the world.

Mike Reyes
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