Eddie Murphy's Coming 2 America Images Show Off The Killer Cast

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in Coming 2 America

Of all the sequels that we have received in the last few years that have come out years, or decades, after the original film, it's possible none was more unexpected, or more welcome than Coming 2 America. While forgiving the sequels slightly cheesy title, Coming to America is one of Eddie Murphy most loved comedies and so the idea of seeing him, along with the remarkable cast from the first movie, again, is a very welcome idea. While we still have to wait a few more months to see the film itself, a collection of images have been released showing us the characters from the movie for the first time.

In the image above we see the duo of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, in their roles as Akeem and Semmi, together again. And honestly, it doesn't look like 32 years have passed at all. They look sort of amazing. Older, sure, but not that much older. But Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are but only two of the actors who will be returning for the sequel. Most of the major cast members from the first movie will be back in some capacity, including James Earl Jones, as Akeem's father the king of Zamunda.

James Earl Jones

However, I have to say that the image that has me the most excited is the one that reveals that returning to the new movie that will star Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are...Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. In addition to playing their main roles in the original Coming to America, the two did some serious make-up work in order to also play a collection of characters that hung out in a New York barbershop, and it turns out that those old men are all still sitting in that same barbershop all these years later. How are these guys still alive?

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio hall in Coming 2 America barbershop

Coming 2 America will see Eddie Murphy's character become the king of his fictional nation. And while we know that the plot of the film will bring him back to America, it's sort of in the title, we also know that more of this movie will be focused on what's going on at home. One image we're not yet being shown is Wesley Snipes will play a character named General Izzi, who is actually the brother of a character from the first movie, Akeem's prospective bride, who will also be returning in the sequel. Most of the rest of the images that have been released appear to be set in Zamunda rather than America.

Coming 2 America

I for one certainly can't wait for Coming 2 America. The original is a classic comedy and one of Eddie Murphy's greatest works. If the sequel is able to recapture that movie's fun this one should be great. It's only frustrating that we have to wait three more months for it.

Coming 2 America

Originally set for a theatrical release like its predecessor, Coming 2 America was sold to Amazon as part of the continual shuffle of films and releases that was brought on by the pandemic. The movie is now set for release on Amazon Prime Video on March 5, 2021

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