The Latest Avengers Campus Update From Disneyland Sounds Super Promising

Avengers Campus concept art

The fact that both theme parks at Disneyland Resort have been closed for nearly a year sucks for every person who was planning to visit the happiest place on earth in that time. Not being able to ride Space Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean for a year is longer than anybody should have to go, but beyond keeping fans from their favorite classic attractions, the closure came at an especially unfortunate time. Namely because it took place just days after the newest addition to Disney California Adventure, Avengers Campus, was given a grand opening date.

Avengers Campus was supposed to be opening in July of 2020, but that obviously didn't happen. Since we know that construction on the new land has continued, though potentially a slower pace then before, it would seem likely that Avengers Campus will be ready to open even soon. Once the theme parks as a whole are given the green light, that is. This belief was seemingly backed up by recent comments from Disneyland President Ken Potrock, who, in a note to Cast Members about the upcoming food and beverage event at California Adventure, hints that an announcement regarding the new land will be coming soon. It reads,

I’m pleased to report that Avengers Campus is making incredible progress. From the futuristic architecture, theatrical lighting, unique audio, creative food, beautiful costuming and innovative merchandise, the land will be an immersive experience that we know our Guests are going to love. And while we aren’t ready to reveal Avengers Campus to the world just yet, I am excited about another very special opportunity we have at Disney California Adventure Park that speaks to our top priorities: getting more Cast Members back to work and engaging with our Guests in different and relevant ways.

While there's no indication of when Disney California Adventure (and by association Avengers Campus) could be opening, you get the distinct impression based on recent PR moves that the feeling is that these things are going to happen sooner rather than later. These comments from Ken Potrock follow on Avengers Campus related moves from Disneyland Resort, like a video that included comments from Tom Holland regarding his performance as Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man attraction.

Generally speaking, you don't start hyping things like this if you don't think you're going to be able to make good on that excitement in the short term. Otherwise people forget about it and it ends up being wasted money. This means that the turn around between DCA opening and Avengers Campus having its grand opening will likely be pretty quick. Likely far less than the four month wait we were looking at last March.

Unfortunately, based on these comments it seems unlikely that Avengers Campus will be available for guests to even simply walk through when the recently announced food and beverage event opens up next month. It's maybe not too shocking, but it is a bummer. It would be cool to see a soft opening that allowed guests to walk through and see the new land, even if the attractions aren't running. Perhaps just for the chance to buy some merch or sample the new food and beer options at the Ant-Man-themed microbrewery. Still, such a thing is possible, so we'll have to wait and see.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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