A Quiet Place 2 Has Changed Its Release Date Again, But It’s Actually Good News

A Quiet Place Part II Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, and Emily Blunt walking through the woods

Roughly a year ago, director John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II was starting to ramp up its marketing campaign. Advanced screenings were taking place, interviews had already been recorded, and reactions had been released into the wild. Then the unprecedented events of 2020 saw this hotly anticipated sequel pushed back several times, with September 2021 feeling like the final change in plans. At least, that was until now, as Paramount has moved A Quiet Place Part II yet again… into the cozy release date of May 28th.

Perhaps in response to a newly forming pattern that’s seen films like Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway being brought forward from later 2021 release dates, A Quiet Place Part II has now taken the Memorial Day slot. Though it also helps that the recent delay pushing F9 into a June 25th release date left that holiday ripe for the picking. And the announcement came from a rather beautiful post from John Krasinski himself, via this Twitter post:

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At every turn, John Krasinski has been nothing but understanding and supportive with the movements that A Quiet Place Part II has made. Which is no surprise, after taking into account how the writer/director was convinced to make a sequel after initially passing. Caring about the project with that sort of dedication has made the waiting easier to endure, and the movie being bumped up is certainly exciting news.

Of course, another possibility may have factored into the earlier release of A Quiet Place Part II, and it’s still a shrewd business move. As the studio’s Paramount+ streaming platform started up this week, the announcement was made that films such as this one, as well as Mission: Impossible 7, would be going to streaming 45 days after their theatrical openings. So a nice Memorial Day weekend debut would put A Quiet Place Part II into subscriber’s homes at roughly the middle of July.

Theoretically, the current release model could see A Quiet Place Part II making an early, potentially decisive move in the summer 2021 landscape. But with a bunch of other studios looking to turn what initially looked like another thin summer into a packed season of entertainment, it might not be long until the competition gets back to business as well. Who knows what other movies might start clawing back vital theatrical real estate?

At the moment, it’s a welcomed relief to see A Quiet Place Part II scheduled for release on May 28th, 2021. With monster fueled excitement, and a larger scope awaiting fans of that last surprising smash hit, there’s no telling where this sequel could go as a result. One thing is for sure: it’s not going to be a quiet affair when this one is released; and it might be a good time to bookmark the 2021 release schedule, as things are bound to get interesting from time to time.

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