Sound Of Metal's Riz Ahmed Celebrates Oscar Nomination With Touching Post And Behind The Scenes Photos

Riz Ahmed in Sound of Metal

Yesterday was a big morning for the movie industry as the 2021 Academy Award nominees were officially announced. As with most awards, things this year are a little unusual, as the period of eligibility was extended due to the fact that theaters were closed for so long and movies couldn't be released. But all that doesn't make the honor and prestige of an Oscar nomination any less special, and now Riz Ahmed, nominated for his performance in Sound of Metal, is experiencing that first hand.

Riz Ahmed was on a lot of peoples' short list for a Best Actor nod following his role as a heavy metal drummer who loses his hearing. Sound of Metal had a pretty great day overall. In addition to Ahmed's nomination the movie was nominated for Best Picture and three other awards including Best Original Screenplay. Following the announcements Ahmed took to social media to thank everybody and share his feelings, but to also share the honor with all those who made Sound of Metal so successful.

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Riz Ahmed references the other great performances that he's nominated alongside, and he is in pretty impressive company. His fellow Best Actor nominees include the late Chadwick Boseman in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, Anthony Hopkins in The Father, Gary Oldman in Mank, and Steven Yeun in Minari. It's one of the most diverse Best Actor fields in a long time, and it includes five very solid performances. It's hard to see an obvious front runner here, meaning Riz Ahmed has a legitimate shot at taking home the statue.

But beyond the movie itself, Sound of Metal deals with a lot of powerful topics, including disability, addiction and the ways that such things can impact your life. Riz Ahmed continues in his Twitter thread to thank those that helped him learn what he needed to know to give his Oscar worthy performance, including everything from addition recovery to drumming.

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It's always wonderful to see actors truly thrilled to be nominated for their work. While the "it's an honor just to be nominated" thing has become a cliché, the fact is that being recognized with a nomination is an impressive feat all by itself, the win would simply be icing on the cake. And considering that Sound of Metal deals with disability, something that most movies tend to shy away from, the fact that it's been nominated for so many awards will help raise its profile and help it to be seen, which could have long reaching positive consequences.

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