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Johnny Depp’s House Broken Into (Again), And The Intruder Made Himself Right At Home

Johnny Depp with a red bandana on in Pirates Of The Caribbean glancing at something out of the corner of his eye.

Police were called to the home of actor Johnny Depp this week after a man reportedly broke into the residence, took a shower and made himself a drink. Thankfully no one seems to have been hurt, but the incident no doubt must be unnerving for the actor as this is the second time this year someone has illegally entered his home.

The incident in question happened on Thursday. According to TMZ, Johnny Depp’s neighbor saw a suspected homeless man hanging out in the actor’s backyard by the pool. He reportedly went to speak to the man, but he jumped a nearby fence and headed toward Depp’s actual house, prompting the neighbor to call 911. Not long after, the Pirates Of the Caribbean star’s security team reportedly spotted the man too and called 911 as well.

The police supposedly arrived shortly after and found the man inside a bathroom taking a shower. He had reportedly also made himself a drink. Cops apparently asked the man to come out, but after he refused, they kicked in the bathroom door. He was later booked on felony vandalism and taken down to the station.

Johnny Depp himself hasn’t spoken out about the incident, but it’s the second time this year someone was arrested for breaking into his home in the Hollywood Hills. A woman was booked back in January after she allegedly forced her way inside the residence. The alarm system went off, and she supposedly fled before she was apprehended at a nearby property.

Unfortunately for Johnny Depp, most of the headlines he has made recently have been about things other than acting. Outside of these recent break-ins, the three time Oscar nominee has been embroiled in an extended legal battle with his ex Amber Heard and with a British tabloid. As part of these proceedings, a steady drip of bizarre and less than flattering headlines have emerged about both parties, and he departed the Fantastic Beasts franchise as part of the fallout. Currently his only upcoming project is voicework for the animated series Puffins, which is reportedly planning to produce 250 five minute shorts.

Home break-ins are a concern anywhere you live, but for celebrities, there is sometimes an uncertainty around whether these break-ins were random or the person themselves is directly being targeted. Thankfully Depp doesn’t seem to have been at home during either of these burglaries, and at this point, they don’t seem connected to each other. There’s also no reason to suspect he was specifically targeted in either case.

In the short-term, Depp’s attorneys signaled they will continue their legal fight with another upcoming challenge. Over the long haul, it’s unclear when Depp might return to acting more regularly or what type of roles he may be offered whenever he does so.

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