Tom Cruise Reacts To Top Gun: Maverick's Lego Trailer

We've been without big movies for so long that at this point it's difficult to remember what a traditional year was like. There was a cycle to these things. Once a new movie was officially announced we knew when we'd see casting announcements and when we'd see posters and trailers. There was almost always something new coming to promote whatever movie you were most excited about. Unfortunately, now we're in a place where movie trailers have been released for movies that have been delayed, so we get long periods of time without all that news we love to see. But there is an upside to the delay, and Tom Cruise for one seems to be impressed by a LEGO recreation of Top Gun: Maverick's trailer.

While fan trailers are nothing new, some of the work that goes into them takes so long that they can't even be released in time for the film. However, the extended delay for Top Gun: Maverick has meant that if you wanted to, for instance, remake the entire trailer in LEGO, you now have plenty of time. Somebody did exactly that with the main trailer for the upcoming sequel, and if the creator wasn't proud enough of the work by itself, they're likely quite happy to know that Tom Cruise himself has given his stamp of approval.

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This is far from the first LEGO trailer we've ever seen, even recently, but this one really is especially well put together. While watching LEGO figures talk in the voices of Tom Cruise and others is always fun, this one has the added intricacy of having to build multiple scale fighter planes in LEGO. Then promptly having them dogfight with each other. It really is a well-put together trailer.

And to have Tom Cruise himself actually see it and tweet it out to his nearly 7 million followers has to be a pretty awesome response to see. Of course, doing that also helps keep Top Gun: Maverick in the minds of those people who might be starting to lose interest due to the fact that the movie has been delayed for so long. If you saw the original trailer and got excited, the LEGO version is likely to have a similar effect, while also being funny.

At this point Top Gun: Maverick is currently slated for release in July 2021. Like so many films it was supposed to come out much sooner. It was originally set for the summer of 2020, and then the end of that year. With many other movies having already continued to push back, the current date is certainly not guaranteed, so we'll have to keep our eyes on this one.

Of course, this movie sequel has been in such high demand for so long that every delay likely hurts fans that much more. They've waited literally decades for this movie. Maybe we'll get a new trailer soon, if only to give those fans something to enjoy.

Dirk Libbey
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