Zack Snyder Has Really Cool Plans For Justice League Theatrical Screenings

The Justice League team in Snyder Cut

One of the benefits of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, in its current form, is that fans who have HBO Max can simply pull the movie up on the streaming service and start watching it right now. For real, I just pressed play on the movie while I started writing this story. It’s as easy as that. But the aspect ratio on the film, and the sheer fact that Snyder’s a theatrical advocate, means that the epic four-hour cut of Justice League belongs on the big screen, preferably an IMAX-sized screen. And while the movie exists as a play for subscribers for the HBO Max streaming service, Snyder is looking ahead at plans that he has to bring Justice League to a theater near fans.

Zack Snyder appeared as a guest on CinemaBlend’s official podcast, ReelBlend, and opened up about a lot of behind-the-scenes goodness on Justice League. When we asked Snyder if he had any plans to eventually release the movie in theaters, perhaps after it has enjoyed its run on HBO Max, he admitted:

They have given me a handful of charity screenings in IMAX. So as we go forward, I'm going to do a handful of charity screenings -- a couple in color, a couple in black and white -- and that's my plan. As we head toward the fall, with the Nerd Queens, we really want to do Zack Con Two, or Snyder Con Two. The idea there would be to do an IMAX weekend where we would do Man of Steel, BvS and Justice League as sort of a three-day event and try and get as many of the people who made the movie and the cast and whoever will help us out as a huge charity event. A huge kind of fan gathering with cosplay and the whole... like a real celebration of the whole thing.

Well, that sounds amazing. And an event that I’d absolutely move mountains to attend. But this makes sense. Zack Snyder fought so hard to ensure that his version of Justice League -- the mythical Snyder Cut of the movie -- would see the light of day, and benefitted from the incredible support of his passionate DC fanbase. And you know that he’s not going to stop at getting the Cut on HBO Max (as much as that is a win). The movie is designed for IMAX, and the movie’s deliberate 4:3 aspect ratio exists for story purposes. But it’s also tailored for IMAX screens, with multiple scenes meant to be enjoyed on the biggest canvas, so you had to believe that during his negotiations, Snyder was going to hold out for a theatrical option somewhere down the line.

Press play on the ReelBlend player to hear our complete conversation with Zack Snyder on the podcast:

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Zack Snyder says “the fall,” so we will wait for more details on if and when that can happen, and where. He also talked about Charity screenings of Justice League, and possibly that will happen before Snyder’s planned marathon DC trilogy. Once we have details on any specific screenings, we will bring it here to CinemaBlend.

Sean O'Connell
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