Halle Berry Claps Back At ‘Disgusting’ Comments Made By Fired Radio Host

Sofia (Halle Berry) glares in John Wick Chapter 3 (2019)

For many men and women, Halle Berry has been a standard for beauty in Hollywood for decades. But being regarded for one’s beauty can have its downsides at times. On March 24, New York radio host Rob Lederman compared the skin tones of several Black women, including Berry, to numbered toaster settings. Swift action was taken against the radio host following his comments, but that didn’t stop Berry from clapping back at his inappropriate comments.

Halle Berry’s response to such a remark is nothing new. In the last few months, the Oscar winner has been quick to reply to any and everybody from fellow celebrities to internet trolls. She has proven on several occasions she isn’t the one to mess with. This time Berry took to her Twitter to make her feelings known about the degrading situation:

Disgusting. It’s ridiculous this type of nonsense is still being broadcasted across airwaves. ALL Black women are beautiful and worthy, Rob Lederman. GTFOH.

It goes without saying that Rob Lederman’s comments were out of line and should in no way be tolerated. According to People, Lederman was fired for his insensitive comments from his 97 Rock show by Cumulus Media while his co-hosts were suspended. Check out Berry’s full tweet, which includes Lederman’s controversial remarks, below:

While everyone is entitled to their thoughts, most would probably agree that negative comments such as they don't benefit anyone. It's especially sad to hear such remarks when you consider how Halle Berry has worked to champion Black women in entertainment. Ultimately, by comparing Black women of varying shades, the host was, in a way, stirring up negative competition among these women, which is something that unfortunately happens more often than you'd think.

As previously stated, Halle Berry has become the queen of internet clapbacks. Last year, Berry took fellow actress Lisa Raye to task for claiming she was “bad in bed.” At that moment, she came back strong in her response by referencing her current boyfriend. She also recently went on a clapback spree after a quote on her Instagram drew negative responses. Needless to say, she had no problem going toe to toe with haters.

Personally, I love that celebrities such as Halle Berry can now react to situations and comments via social media. Admittedly, it can have varied effects on the public figure and others, but Berry has earned the right to speak up for herself. For decades, the John Wick Chapter 3 star has been subject to various rumors and wasn't always able to set the record straight. But with social media, the Oscar winner has shown she is perfectly capable of handling herself against anyone trying to twist her words or intrude upon her peace. At this point in her life, Berry just wants to live her life, which is what all of us just want to be able to do.

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