Halle Berry Claps Back At Online Trolls Who Claim She ‘Can’t Keep A Man’

For years, Oscar winner Halle Berry has found her love life in the headlines. Berry’s breakups, makeups and heartbreaks have sometimes overshadowed her acting career. This has even led some people to lay the blame on her instead of the men she’s been with. Until now, Berry has been silent about people’s opinions on her romantic life, but she recently clapped back at online trolls for claiming she “can’t keep a man.”

Halle Berry’s love life has been public fodder since she came into the spotlight with roles in films such as Jungle Fever and Boomerang. Over the past three decades, Berry’s life as both single and married has been part of her narrative along with her amazing career. On top of her fame and success, many of the men she has been attached to were equally as famous. The actor recently took to Instagram to share a message to her millions of followers along with the rest of the world. Check out her stance on relationships and accountability below:

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After Halle Berry made the post, a few people decided to come into the post's comment section to troll her. Instead of being silent, the actress decided to take the time to answer them. One commenter wrote her post was ironic coming from someone who “can’t keep a man.” At that moment, she decided to defend herself by replying:

Who says I wanna keep the wrong man? Cuz... I don't.

Another commenter talked about women whose husbands pay for everything. Halle Berry quickly refuted his claim with the following response:

No man has ever taken care of me... EVER!

One commenter alluded to the actress being the problem in her relationships given her track record. Halle Berry replied to them by mentioning moving on from the wrong man.

Who said I wanted to keep them? I'm all about living your best life. If you make a wrong move, course correct and re-spin and start again!

Given the debate her Instagram post spawned, Halle Berry was able to handle her detractors while defending herself against people’s perception of women and men’s roles in relationships. Berry has spent years living her life in the public eye, giving people hints here and there about things that have happened in her relationships. Unfortunately, this openness has led the public as well as other celebrities to use her romantic life against her. In recent years, a few of her relationships have played out on social media, giving people even more fuel to blame her for the breakdown of her relationships.

Even before social media, the public knew almost every move Halle Berry made in her relationships. She dated New Kids on the Block’s Danny Wood and singer Christopher Williams before marrying baseball star David Justice in 1993, though they divorced by 1997. She later married singer Eric Benet and actor Olivier Martinez. For a few years, Berry was in a relationship with model Gabriel Aubry. In recent years, she’s been attached to music producer Alex da Kid and musician Van Hunt. But peoples' opinion of her love life doesn't bother her as she has embraced a pant-less lifestyle in recent months.

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