X-Men: The Key Way Mutants Might Already Exist In The MCU

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is facing a lot of challenges as its forges ahead through Phase 4 and beyond, though arguably the biggest one of all is how it will introduce the X-Men. Fans have debated on ways in which the mutants could make their way into the MCU, and whether or not these characters' cinematic past and their histories should be recognized.

After a recent reading session on Marvel Unlimited, I'm now aware there's an incredibly simple way the X-Men may already exist within the MCU, and this would also acknowledge the past of the X-Men. It all largely revolves around the mutant Moira MacTaggert and her unique ability that led to an unprecedented union of mutants in the House and Powers of X storylines.

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Who Is Moira MacTaggert?

Moira MacTaggert is a mutant who was only briefly featured in past X-Men films (played by Rose Byrne), and has been a part of the X-Men universe as far back as 1975. While she was depicted as a human throughout the bulk of her existence, things changed drastically for the character in the 2019 comic runs House Of X and Powers Of X.

In this storyline, Moira was revealed to be a mutant with the power of reincarnation, with the ability to restart her life upwards of 10 times. She used this ability in a variety of ways, eventually all in the name of helping mutants co-exist or survive their ongoing struggle with humanity. Across these lives, she teamed up with Charles Xavier, Magneto and even Apocalypse, but all failed to keep mutants from becoming extinct, though some were more successful than others.

On her 10th life, Moira MacTaggert approached Charles Xavier and had him read her mind. Both then approached Magneto and Apocalypse, and after Charles transferred Moira's thoughts into theirs, the path forward was clear. Their only option was to band together and use their combined forces to create a home for all of mutant-kind. The effort led to the nation-state for all mutants, based on the island of Krakoa. Obviously, the story got much deeper from there, but that's really all we need to know to talk out this MCU theory.

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How House Of X Could Be Adapted For The MCU

The beauty of the new Moira MacTaggert is that with her multitude of lives, she's experienced a lot. In her consciousness, the mutants have lived and existed nine times over, and in each one, something different has happened. The history of the mutants and their past success and failures exist entirely within her, and it's feasible all her memories could include the previously-existing Fox X-Men films.

The beauty of using Moira Taggert to archive, but also lightly retcon the existing X-Men films is that it creates a scenario in which the past films are relevant. As past "lives" of Moira, she could pass on this knowledge to MCU mutants and perhaps help them understand the value for secrecy and not creating too many waves against humanity in the present.

Additionally, the idea that all previous X-Men films were through the lens of Moira MacTaggert help tie up the various inconsistencies that have plagued the X-Men franchise in the past. If something doesn't make sense, no worries; that was just a completely different existence for Moira! Perhaps it would take a bit of work to figure out how to work it all in canonically, but it wouldn't be nearly as difficult as trying to embrace the X-Men films as is.

If ever there was a way for the MCU to embrace the X-Men cinematic past as canon, this would be it. While the events of the movies wouldn't exist in the MCU, they'd serve a purpose in educating the mutants of the present, and maybe save us the painful process of re-living the origin of characters we're all well familiar with at this point. Plus, the mutants would already be in the MCU, just apparently hiding due to the issues they've had with humanity in the past. You can't be driven to extinction if humanity doesn't know you exist, right?

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The Greatest Advantage Of Using House Of X To Re-Tell The Mutant Story

We've discussed the minor advantages of the MCU adapting House of X to tell the X-Men's story, but the greatest is an entirely new story in which to re-introduce the X-Men. Audiences have endured the same tired origin stories for some of America's greatest heroes for decades, and it can get old. Seriously, how many times do we have to see the Waynes get shot in a back alley?

Not only is the House of X an opportunity to tell a fresh origin story for the X-Men never before seen on screen, but it's also one that could potentially pay homage to the history of the X-Men that came before it. It's not often folks get to have their cake and eat it too (at least, that's how the saying goes), and in this case, fans could have their cake and devour all of it while people look at them uncomfortably.

Plus, House of X creates an actual reality where mutants exist and could be flying under the radar on a level that even a group as informed as The Avengers may not be aware of their existence. After all, they have the combined experience of several lifetimes at their disposal, so it's not hard to believe the mutants could avoid detection until they chose to make themselves known. It's kind of messed up they wouldn't attempt to lend a hand with Thanos, though it's worth noting the mutants in House of X tend to look out for their own above all else.

Plus, with this storytelling, there's no need to incorporate the multiverse, and the X-Men could be a part of the MCU proper. That may not seem like a big deal, but considering how complicated and complex the multiverse can get, it would be easier if mutants and Avengers could intermingle with relative ease rather than the rare occasion. As far as I'm concerned, adapting the House of X story is the best way to incorporate the X-Men into the MCU and the best option forward for Marvel Studios by far.

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