Fifty Shades Writer E.L. James Has 'Cordially' Invited Fans To Check Out Her Next Big Christian Grey Release

Fifty Shades Freed's Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, final movie

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The time has finally come for Fifty Shades of Grey fans. More than five years after E.L. James embarked upon the retelling of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey’s love story through a series of books from the wealthy entrepreneur’s perspective we are finally reaching the end of the epic love story. In fact, we've learned when the third book in this retelling, Freed: Fifty Shades Freed, is going to be released.

E.L. James herself shared the news in a decadent post cordially inviting her readers to snap up this retelling of one of the most popular books of the century. She noted that she is “delighted” to share the first look at the book with readers, as well as its release date. So when can you get a copy of Freed? Well, starting on June 1, 2021.

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Amusingly, Fifty Shades movies actor Eric Johnson actually responded on E.L. James’ post to joke about how his character may have caused some of the issues in Freed the author’s description of the upcoming book alludes to. He noted, ‘Rivalries and resentments hmmm?’ James responded back, noting ‘Yep.’ (As a sidebar, Eric Johnson’s own Instagram profile delightfully sports a nod to his Fifty Shades baddie with the tagline: "Playing 50 shades of bad guys since ‘91.")

With the release of Freed, E.L. James will have wrapped up her trilogy from Christian Grey’s perspective. Her other two books following this premise, Grey and Darker, released in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

E.L. James did play a role in getting the three Fifty Shades movies made for the big screen, so her familiar exchange with Johnson isn’t totally unprecedented here. Unfortunately, while we won’t be seeing more of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele on the big screen, E.L. James has published another book outside of her famous trilogies. That book, The Mister, also had its movie rights snapped up.

In fact, Universal, the studio that also distributed the Fifty Shades movies, is all about bringing The Mister to the big screen as well. It’s hard telling when that will get off the ground with the absolute glut of movie projects still expected to be rolled out over the next year plus and more already in production with safety protocols. But given the Easter egg connection between the two books leading to them being in the same universe, I’d say there’s a lot to look forward to on the horizon for the fanbase.

Starting, of course, with the release of Freed. If Freed: Fifty Shades Freed is right up your alley, the even better news outside of E.L. James’ announcement is that the book is already available for pre-order. So, if you don’t want to stress about waiting until June to purchase your copy, you can pre-order it now on Amazon or anywhere else books are sold.

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