See How The Flash Movie Celebrated Its First Day Of Filming

Ezra Miller as The Flash

Despite it's name, a solo movie starring The Flash has been one of the slower projects to make it to screens since the launch of DC's movie universe. While the movie was announced back when we first confirmed we would get the entire DC Justice League, the project saw one delay after another after a host of directors worked their way into and out of the project. But now, after all that, time. the movie's current director, Andy Muschietti, as finally confirmed that movie is actually happening. The Flash went in front of cameras for its first day of filming today.

On his Instagram the director of the recent IT movies became the director to finally get The Flash out of development hell and he announced his impressive accomplishment to those fans that have been waiting an awfully long time for this day. Along with the announcement we got an official logo for the movie. Check it out.

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While seeing any movie you're looking forward to get in front of cameras is certainly a big deal, for The Flash it's an even bigger deal, simply because it has been a quite hard road to get to this point. At various points it would have been easy to scrap the movie or for fans to just stop caring considering how long it was taking, but now that filming has begun, we know this movie is actually going to happen.

Back in 2016, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies writer Seth Grahame-Smith would be the first director brought on board The Flash to leave the movie, but he would not be the last. Rick Famuyiwa would be attached at one point. The duo of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein would replace him. Finally, Andy Muschietti, following his success with the Stephen King's IT, would come on board, making him the fourth director over the course of about four years.

And with each director it seemed that the story of The Flash movie itself would also change. At various point we were told the Flash point would be, or maybe would not be, an adaptation of the DC Comics' Flashpoint storyline. At one point the movie was reportedly called Flashpoint, and then it wasn't. Now the movie is simply called The Flash again, but it will, once again, be an adaptation of the alternate universe Flashpoint comic book story. we're expecting multiple versions of various comic book heroes to appear, including, potentially, multiple actors who have played Batman before.

One imagines that everybody from Ezra Miller to executives at Warner Bros. are simply breathing a sigh of relief. The movie is finally happening, and while one assumes that production may still be moving slower than it might in a different year, at least it's actually happening.

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