Jennifer Lopez's Shotgun Wedding Has Found A New Release Date After Armie Hammer Drama

Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers getting arrested

The pandemic isn’t the only thing that’s been mucking up production in Hollywood; scandals have a way of doing that too. After being set to star opposite Jennifer Lopez in the action-packed romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, Armie Hammer dropped out of the film earlier this year due to his sexual abuse allegations and sexual cannibal texts were leaked. It put the project a bit off of its schedule, but now the developing movie has finished shooting, and a new release date has been set.

After quickly replacing Armie Hammer with Josh Dunhamel to star opposite Jennifer Lopez, Shotgun Wedding is all set to come out in summer 2022. According to Variety, the film wrapped principal photography last week and is now set to be released on June 29, 2022. Despite the drama with Armie Hammer, the film has had a pretty fast rebound.

Lionsgate’s Shotgun Wedding centers around Jennifer Lopez’s and Josh Dunhamel’s characters as an engaged couple on the way to their destination wedding when they both start to experience cold feet. It’s not just a romcom though, because the wedding guests end up getting taken hostage and some action ensues.

That could have been you, Armie Hammer, but you had to go and be the source of multiple scandals! The actor has seen his slate of upcoming projects totally diminish in recent weeks, as he has been removed from a number of films since stories began to break about his personal life. While the Rebecca star has two movies that are completed and yet to be released, including Death on the Nile starring opposite real life Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, he does not have any productions on his schedule.

With the box office already seeing some improvement as we are starting to get closer to summer, we can expect theaters to possibly be back to normal by the time next summer rolls around. It looks like film companies are thinking the same thing, as there are already a number of major films set to come out next summer featuring some big names. Jennifer Lopez’s Shotgun Wedding is just the newest to set its release in that time frame.

With a June 29, 2022 release date, Shotgun Wedding will be in theaters just a few days before the next Minions film, Minions: The Rise of Gru; a week before Black Panther II; and a month before Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam and Indiana Jones 5.

The film industry is starting to get back to normal, and films like Shotgun Wedding are overcoming more obstacles than just the pandemic, but things don’t seem to be looking as good for Armie Hammer. For now, the projects that once were set to include the actor are moving right along without him.

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