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Mark Wahlberg Reveals He’s Gained 20 Pounds For Role (Yet Still Has Visible Abs)

When celebrities show off their bodies while getting ready for a role, it's usually to show how their bodies have been transformed by an intense workout to get them into shape to play a superhero or some other action star. In his career Mark Wahlberg has played more than a few of those characters, and tends to take his fitness seriously. He's even gotten himself in extreme shape to play a bodybuilder alongside The Rock. However, for Wahlberg's newest role it seems the actor is getting in a different sort of shape. He's actually been gaining weight. Not muscle. Just weight.

It seems that Mark Wahlberg's newest role will require him to be less physically fit than he probably is in the new Uncharted movie. He took to social media to show himself in the gym, and while, at first he looks to still be in good shape, you can still see his abs after all, it seems that's really just the actor holding things, and when he lets it go, he really lets it go.

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The public is used to seeing celebrities working out, and so often their roles require them to at least be in decent shape that many of them work out on a regular basis just to remain camera ready-- even if they don't necessarily need to be looking like superheroes or body builders. Sometimes, however, roles do require something different. We've seen actors like Tom Hanks and Christian Bale seem to wither away when they needed to play people who were starved or otherwise weak, but that's not what we get here either. Wahlberg is certainly not starving.

In fact, the actor is crediting chef Lawrence Duran with his new body. It seems that in order to get into this shape, Wahlberg is just eating really well, and probably not working out much if it all. It's amazing how quickly this transition has happened as Wahlberg says that he went from in-shape to, not, in just about three weeks.

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While the actors who end up playing superheroes and have to get in superhero shape often have very good things to say about the experience of getting physically fit, there has to be something nice about sometimes just letting go and eating really delicious food and maybe not going to the gym all the time. Exactly what Mark Wahlberg needs to get in this sort of shape for we don't really know. The actor has a number of projects currently in various stages of production. We'll have to wait and see when we see a slightly overweight Mark Wahlberg, pop up in a movie trailer.

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