Henry Cavill Fan Art Sees Superman Transform For Highlander

Last week word broke that the lead role in the long in development Highlander reboot had been cast and that Superman/Geralt of Rivia himself, Henry Cavill was taking on the role. Cavill has since confirmed that he has taken on the franchise, and fans are clearly excited, as they have not delayed in producing the first round of Highlander reboot fan art.

BossLogic, who has, without question, created some of the greatest movie and TV related art in recent years, dropped his own look at what Henry Cavill might look like as the Highlander. It has everything a good Highlander poster really needs. It's got our hero, and he's got a great big shiny sword, what else do you even need to include? Check it out.

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It has to be said that it feels like there's more than a little influence from The Witcher found here, but that's not exactly surprising. When Henry Cavill has already played a fantasy sword-wielder and is now set to do it again, there' an expectation that the two may end up looking quite similar. Honestly, if you swapped out Geralt of Rivia's white hair for something a bit more traditional, you'd have a decent look for a Highlander movie just like that. All you need then is the right accent.

It's unclear whether the Highlander reboot is going to be a straight remake of the 1986 film starring Christopher Lambert, Sean, Connery and Clancy Brown, or simply a new story that takes the concept of the franchise, that the world is full of immortals all trying to cut each others' heads off, and go in a different direction with it. The fact that the movie is still called Highlander would seem to confirm that Henry Cavill will play a Scotsman, who is probably named Macleod, as basically every protagonist in the series, that has covered films, television, and even a cartoon series, at least has the same last name.

The Highlander reboot, which will be directed by John Wick vet Chad Stahelski, has been in development for some time. There was apparently a completed script back in 2018, but it's unclear if that is still the one the project is using. Dave Bautista had signed on to play the villain back in 2015, but it hasn't been confirmed if he's still attached. A year before that Tom Cruise was being eyed to take the mentor role, played by Sean Connery in the original film. In 2013, Ryan Reynolds was attached to play the role now taken by Henry Cavill.

Hopefully, with the casting of the lead role, we have a real indication that the Highlander reboot is really moving forward, whether any of these old casting reports end up being valid or not.

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