Knives Out 2’s Leslie Odom Jr. Teases What Fans Can Expect From Rian Johnson’s Sequel

Leslie Odom Jr. in Hamilton

The success of Knives Out seems like a lifetime ago, with it releasing on the other side of a whole pandemic. With a sequel in the works with a brand new cast though, fans are looking back and wondering just how Knives Out 2 will surpass the mystery and enjoyability of the first blockbuster film. Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr. has jumped on board as one of the new all star cast members and talks a little about what to expect from Rian Johnson’s sequel.

We love it when stars give teasers, and even though Leslie Odom Jr. tells ET he may be saying too much, he does give us a little bit of an idea of what we can expect to see in the Knives Out sequel. According to him, it’ll not only be a fun watch just like the first film, but we’ll see some twists and turns happening. Here it is in the One Night in Miami star’s own words:

I might have said too much already, but suspect everyone is what I can tell you. It's going to be fun. I think that the first movie... the success was unexpected, the Oscar nomination certainly, and people really took to it. So we want to up the ante and deliver something exciting and surprising for the fans.

The first film was chock full of A-listers and iconic actors, each only having a small appearances on screen for such big names, which only added to the strange, unexpected nature and reception of the film Leslie Odom Jr. mentions. It would make sense for the sequel to be similar in this way, and it sounds like we can expect to be suspicious of pretty much everyone, with the suspect focus being switched many times throughout the film.

In the same interview, Leslie Odom Jr. gives us more, saying director Rian Johnson seems to have the frustrating task of trying to challenge himself and one-up the first film with how intertwined the sequel will be with plot points. Odom gives us a picture of perfect synchronicity with his comparisons of the upcoming film; here’s what he says exactly:

Rian's trying to challenge himself … It's like a Swiss watch. It's like clockwork. This has to happen, for that to happen, for that to happen.

Knives Out 2 is still in the beginning stages of production, with the possibility of future big name cast members still to come on board the project, although a number of Marvel stars are already committed as well as Daniel Craig’s promised return. Although the plot is unknown at this time, thanks to Leslie Odom Jr.’s insight, we can expect the cast to take us on a wild ride of a tale when their characters appear on Netflix next year.

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