Quiet Place 2 Kicks Off With A Bang And Not A Whimper At The Box Office

Millicent Simmonds covers her mouth in fright in A Quiet Place Part II.

The world finds itself marching towards the wider opening of movie theaters, and in light of that merry event, it’s time for the big movies to come out to play. With a little over a year in delays, A Quiet Place Part II is finally ready to make a big noise at a theater near you. And so far the movie’s off to an amazing start. As the take from Thursday night showings are being tallied up, the results sound more like a bang, not a whimper, for this John Krasinski/Emily Blunt sequel.

The results of A Quiet Place Part II’s first night of showings are pretty impressive, especially considering that theaters aren’t totally operating at capacity at this moment. According to the numbers that Exhibitor Relations Co. have reported, things are progressing back to normal with a $5 million showing on the books. For reference, this is only with showings starting as early as 5 PM on Thursday, and it’s a pretty wow-worthy notice.

In terms of the current box office climate, A Quiet Place Part II’s first day of business is a great step. $5 million for a night of early screenings stacks up rather well, especially when compared to Godzilla vs. Kong bringing in $9.6 million on its first proper day of showtimes. It’s certainly a great sign for the weekend to come, especially in an industry where Memorial Day tends to be a bit on the slower side.

Through recent history, what used to be a fertile ground for blockbusters has ceded way to other holidays and weekend taking over as the official start of summer. So there may have been a bit of apprehension when Paramount decided to move A Quiet Place Part II from a September 2021 release date into this seemingly cursed frame. Now that decision looks like it couldn’t have been better timed, as audiences seem like they’re ready to head to the movies again.

Memorial Day weekend looks to be quite kind to A Quiet Place Part II, as the estimated first weekend take has been quoted in the neighborhood of $30-$50 million. Which is also fantastic news for the future of the Quiet Place universe, as a spinoff is already in the works over at Paramount. It’s enough to make you stand up and cheer, provided you’re not afraid to make a sound after returning to this particular franchise.

A Quiet Place Part II is currently in theaters, ready to bring the aliens that made the first film a sleeper hit back for more. But if you really are looking for something quieter to enjoy, there’s plenty of 2021 movies out there that’ll fit the bill. Fireworks or not, it's a good weekend to watch a movie.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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