Black Adam Producer Confirms Key Detail About The Rock’s Superhero Suit

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

We’ve been waiting quite a while for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to portray Black Adam in the DC Universe, and his very own anti-hero film is finally in production. Even though we’ve still got a little while until we see Johnson in full superhuman glory on the big screen, we’ve been slowly getting little sneak peeks into the progress of the highly anticipated film, mostly from the excited star himself. While we haven’t seen him in costume yet, a Black Adam producer has now given us confirmation of a key detail about Johnson’s super suit.

Dwayne Johnson’s fellow bodybuilder and producer Dany Garcia, in an interview with Variety, managed to drop a few details about her ex-husband's upcoming superhero film, which she is producing alongside him. While discussing the movie, she spoke to whether or not the star would happen padding in his superhero costume when he appears on screen as Black Adam. Here it is in Garcia’s own words:

My husband is DJ’s strength and conditioning coach, and they were able to get his physique to the right place with so much time before shooting that. There wasn’t a lot of ‘Where are we padding or where are we adding?’ and things like that.

If you didn’t think it was possible for Dwayne Johnson to get more jacked, you’d be mistaken, because he did indeed get even more in shape to play Black Adam. So apparently, the payoff was that he actually now has the physique of the comic book character, meaning his suit isn't doing much work in helping him embody the physicality of the role.

Dwayne Johnson recently gave us a tiny peak at him as Black Adam, but that photo in which he sported a shadowed cloak definitely wasn’t showing off his full Black Adam glory. In the same interview, Dany Garcia says that she has seen Johnson in full costume and shared some teasy thoughts on it. Here is what she says, exactly:

I’ve seen him in the full costume and let me tell you — it’s a thing!

Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson’s professional relationship is actually pretty deep. In addition to both being bodybuilders and ex-spouses, Garcia managed Johnson, and they now are business partners through their production company. The pair have produced a number of Dwayne Johnson’s films including, the newer Jumanji films, Fighting with My Family and the upcoming Jungle Cruise. Johnson’s autobiographical series, Young Rock, is also a product of their production company.

We know, thanks to Dwayne Johnson’s regular updates, that filming is about at the half way point. Even so, we thankfully finally have a release date for Black Adam, and we can expect to see the fruits of Johnson and the rest of his team’s efforts next summer on July 29th. Until then, we can certainly expect more updates, maybe even a peak at the padless super suit.

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