Black Adam Starts Filming And The Rock And Hawkman Actor Aldis Hodge Sound Pumped

Dwayne Johnson in The Titan Games, NBC and Aldis Hodge, Invisible Man

It has been a long time coming, but filming on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s DC comic book movie Black Adam has finally started! It’s pretty much a given that the actors involved are excited about the progress the film has made after so much time has passed since it was announced, and he knew the ball was rolling on the project as he began seriously preparing for the film at the beginning of last year. Johnson isn’t the only cast member pumped for filming to start though - his co-star Aldis Hodge, who plays Hawkman, is also pretty happy about getting to work.

Black Adam marks the theatrical debut of Hawkman, and the actor taking up the role, Aldis Hodge, has taken to social media to show just how pumped he is to get started in his on screen portrayal of the hero. (Though it's worth noting he’s been preparing for a while.) In his Instagram post we see his trailer door with Hawkman written on it, and he captures the moment for Day 1 of filming. It's not exactly a costume, but were you expecting spoilers on Day 1?!

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Clearly, Aldis Hodge’s caption is all pumped up and full of energy -- it’s game time and he’s ready. His energy is matched by his co-star Dwayne Johnson, who comments on Hodge’s posts with some simple, yet equally game ready words. Here’s what he says:

It’s time.

These simple words follow a lightning bolt and hawk emoji, symbolizing the heroes he and Aldis Hodge’s are portraying in Black Adam. It may seem like Dwayne Johnson doesn’t have much to say here, but actually his short response to the post seems to hold a lot behind it.

The Rock has been waiting a long time to bring Black Adam to life on the big screen. The actor has been attached to the role since as early 2007, but the film really started to gain steam in 2017, around the time we were also learning of the specific plans for the Shazam! film. In fact, though the role has taken on a few forms since we first heard the actor could be involved in the DC role in some capacity.

It wasn’t long ago that Dwayne Johnson was thought to appear as Black Adam in Shazam!, which I mean would make a lot of sense seeing as Black Adam is the main antagonist of the hero. However, it was decided that the two comic book characters needed their own storytelling spaces and would have their own films. The introduction of Black Adam with his own movie, though, did give the DC universe a chance to give Hawkman his entrance as well - and that could look pretty awesome.

The years it took to get here don’t really matter anymore though, because the time has come to get The Rock and Aldis Hodge in costume for their big debuts, and the two stars seem to be pretty pumped up about it, and rightly so! Hopefully that energy will last the entire filming season, because it’s one we definitely want to translate on screen.

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