Black Adam Image Shows How Massive Dwayne Johnson’s Set Is

Black Adam

After years of anticipation from fans and the Jumanji star himself for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s portrayal of the anti-hero Black Adam, filming is underway. Not only that, but fans are getting plenty of little sneak peaks along the way. We all know the professional wrestler turned high grossing actor has a go big or go home attitude, but in a new behind the scenes look Johnson shows off just how massive and expansive the Black Adam set really is.

Dwayne Johnson, while obviously pretty massive himself, apparently takes pride in how large the set of Black Adam is as well. In a recent Instagram post, Johnson shows off an amazing and complicated behind the scenes set photo. You can check it out below:

A photo posted by on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen curtains that large, to be honest, and it makes all the people on the ground look like ants. Even though Dwayne Johnson doesn’t appear to be in the picture, although there’s so much going on that he may be hiding somewhere, the set photo would even make the incredibly ripped star look a lot smaller. Maybe even like a normal sized human.

Dwayne Johnson was announced to be portraying Black Adam in the DC universe back in 2014, and it’s very apparent that he is totally psyched to finally be in the thick of things where that role is concerned. He’s given us updates on the process before, but now his caption makes it clear they are about halfway through filming, which is right on track for it’s set release next year.

The photo has seemed to really pump up fans as well, as the comments on Dwayne Johnson’s post are full of fire, heart, and lightning bolt emojis, matching Johnson’s own lightning bolt in his caption-- which he includes in pretty much all of his Black Adam posts and updates. There are a lot of fans commenting that they can’t wait to finally see The Rock in action as Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson’s post also drew the attention of another Black Adam star, Sarah Shahi, who commented on the post that the day the photo was taken was the “most epic day of shooting” and that the set was “unreal”. She also shared the post to her story, so it would appear that the picture, although pretty awesome, doesn’t compare to the hype of actually being there on the wild looking set.

Although it may not compare to actually being amongst the rubble and destruction on the massive set that we see in Dwayne Johnson’s post, the photo sure seems like it has hyped up fans even more for Black Adam. Although we are sure more updates will be coming at us with how pumped Johnson is about the production, we will be able to see him in the finished product when Black Adam releases next summer on July 29th.

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