The Rock Shared A New Look At Black Adam, And It’s Intense

There are plenty of superhero movies on the way within the next few years, and one that seems to have fans most intrigued is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam. The DC Comics movie adaptation has been a long time coming for the wrestler-turned-actor, and filming has finally commenced. Johnson has been teasing his titular antihero’s look for a while now, and we recently saw what appeared to be a snippet of the costume. While we’ve still yet to see the suit in its full glory, the Rock just shared a new look at the character, and it’s intense.

From what we’ve seen of the character so far, Black Adam is meant to be one of the grittier characters to ever come out of the DC Extended Universe, which says a lot given what we’ve seen so far. But the latest image The Rock shared on Instagram shows the character in a dark room, with his appearance shrouded by a cloak and darkness. Needless to say, it’s pretty serious. Check out the image for yourself down below:

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Dwayne Johnson’s teases have been cool thus far, but this may be the best one yet. It’s definitely subtle, but it gives off a vibe that is appropriately ominous for Black Adam. And while some may find it to be a bit much, I think the cloak is actually a nice touch.

It would definitely seem that Dwayne Johnson is relishing the fact that he can now share tidbits from the set of Black Adam. And you would too, if you’d been attached to a film for over a decade and the movie is just now kicking off production. Johnson isn’t the only one who seems excited, either. Aldis Hodge, who plays Hawkman, expressed his delight when filming finally started, and The Rock even commented on the actor’s social media post with the perfect response.

When it comes to keeping fans updated on the film’s progress, The Rock has mostly chronicled his fitness journey. Let’s be honest, the actor has always been one to stay in shape, but he’s been working out like a madman to reach the physicality needed to play Black Adam. He recently opened up about working out and explained that he’s currently in the most “challenging” phase of working out, in which he must maintain his physique for another three months. All in all, he’s really committed to bringing the superpowered being to life.

Black Adam is still early into its filming schedule, so there’s no telling when we might get our official first look at footage. But with all of the teases Dwayne Johnson has been dropping, there’s at least a firm chance we could get our first look at the costume in the near future. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype when we finally get to see it.

Black Adam storms into theaters on July 29, 2022.

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