DC's Super Pets Movie Will Reunite Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Alongside Cast Of Icons

Rising from the ashes of DC Comics projects we’d thought time forgot, DC League of Super Pets got a pretty promising jumpstart with the casting of Dwayne Johnson as Krypto the Superdog. But that was apparently only the beginning, as a huge update recently dropped, and Johnson’s frequent co-star Kevin Hart is now joining the lineup as Ace the Bat-Hound, reuniting with his Jumanji franchise pal. And there’s a ton of fellow icons that have jumped into the fun as well, as you can see in the big new announcement video for the project.

As if a Johnson/Hart reunion wasn’t enough, Warner Bros. gave the world one hell of a roster to root for in DC League of Super Pets. Included in the fun and games are comedy talents like SNL’s Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer, as well as Russian Doll star/general icon of wit Natasha Lyonne. As if that didn’t already promise some sharpness to this animated movie’s finished product, the likes of A Quiet Place Part II director John Krasinski and Andor star Diego Luna are good indicators of what level of heroics we should expect as well.

But the big deal sealer has to be the fact that just as he’s wont to do, action superstar and dog lover Keanu Reeves is a part of the DC League of Super Pets lineup. Now we don’t know the respective animals the rest of the cast is playing, Reeves included. However, if there’s any justice in the world, the star of John Wick and Toy Story 4 will be revealed to play a canine of action.

For those of you keeping score, DC League of Super Pets, formerly titled simply as DC Super Pets, was originally supposed to be in theaters this past May. But early on, the project was pushed a full year into its current 2022 home, and we hadn’t heard much about its progress since that announcement a couple years ago. Now it feels like we’re primed for even more surprises in the near future, as we’re now counting down to the unleashing of DC League of Super Pets.

There’s always room for animated fun in the world of comic movies, as the existence of DC League of Super Pets only further proves. But pairing that with the continued antics of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s talented voices, there might be enough buzz to get Marvel thinking about how they’ll compete. With a cast like this, the advantage undoubtedly goes to DC this round, and with a resounding victory.

DC League of Super Pets will fly into theaters on May 20, 2022; roughly two months before Dwayne Johnson returns with the DC brand in Black Adam on July 29, 2022. At this point, you have to wonder if the DC Cinematic Universe is about to become the DJ Cinematic Universe. But for now, we’ll just stick to checking out the 2021 release schedule for all of the excitement that’ll help manage the wait.

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