Netflix's Russian Doll Season 2 Finally Gets An Update With Awesome New Cast Member

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Fans who loved watching Natasha Lyonne's Nadia and Charlie Barnett's Alan die and live the same day over and over again in Russian Doll have had to wait for a very long time to see what could possibly come along with Season 2. The time loop dramedy was released way back in February 2019, but now we finally have a cool update on the new set of episodes, as we know that hilarious Schitt's Creek star Annie Murphy will be joining the action in Russian Doll Season 2.

Netflix announced the news via Twitter earlier that Annie Murphy, Alexis Rose herself, has signed up for a role on the Emmy-nominated Russian Doll, and we'll get to see her character on the new season, noting:

What a concept: Schitt's Creek alum, the all-around flawless Emmy-winning Annie Murphy has joined the cast of Russian Doll for Season 2!

What we don't know right now, is, actually, quite a lot when it comes to both Russian Doll Season 2 and what part Annie Murphy will play in the series. There's no word on what character Murphy will take on for the show or just how much we'll see of her, but my guess is that her role will probably, at least, be pretty important if not one that we see on each episode.

Most people who have taken the time to check out Schitt's Creek will know why I'm guessing that Annie Murphy will end up being important to Russian Doll whenever we finally get to set our eyes upon Season 2. As the Netflix tweet noted, Murphy won an Emmy just last year for the final season of Schitt's Creek for her part as the (formerly) image-obsessed, flighty, less-than-favorite Rose child. Murphy was very successful at taking Alexis from her party girl past and turning her into a much more caring individual who was committed to working hard to achieve her goals.

So, what might Annie Murphy be doing in Russian Doll Season 2? The sky truly is the limit where her character is concerned, seeing as how we left the show with the central mystery being solved. After several episodes of watching Nadia and Alan relive the same Sunday over and over, the duo was finally able to realize they were connected and break the weird spell that had them in a time loop, and every other person and thing in their reality disappearing. Technically, we could see whomever Murphy is playing dealing with her own time loop in Season 2.

The new season of Russian Doll recently began filming, but it will likely be a while before we hear more about what the focus of Season 2 will be, along with details about Annie Murphy's role and when the season will finally come to Netflix, but until we know more you can check out our guide to early 2021 TV.

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