Universal Orlando Hilariously Giving Out Dating Advice After Single Rider Lines Reopen

Universal Orlando Globe

Everybody has had difficulty making it through the last year and then some but I seriously can't imagine what it was like for those who might have been trying to meet someone special during a period where meeting literally anybody was close to impossible. If you were in the dating world before all this, it's now time to at least consider getting back out there, and Universal Orlando Resort has a pretty funny, though honestly potentially quite useful suggestion. Try the single rider line, because it's back.

One of the more recent entertaining memes going around has seen various people claim that they're deleting their dating apps, and plan to go in search for love the old fashioned way. Of course, what the old fashioned way actually is, is where the joke comes in, but I'm not sure the Universal Orlando Resort Twitter account is entirely off base in suggesting you look for love with other single riders.

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Single rider lines at theme parks have been basically gone for the last year plus. Their very purpose has been to help fill major attractions, frequently roller coasters, to full capacity when there are odd numbered parties but an even number of seats in a ride vehicle. Why leave that odd seat empty when somebody can still fill it? And with the vast majority of pandemic restrictions now gone, single rider lines are returning.

Masks aren't completely gone from attractions. Those who are unvaccinated, and those that cannot be, like many children, are still expected to wear them but for the vaccinated it really does appear there's little to fear of either catching or transmitting the virus so two strangers sitting next to each other on Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure or the brand new Velocicaoster should not be much of a problem.

And while single rider lines move faster, you're likely still going to be in the line for a while, so why not strike up a conversation with a stranger. It helps pass the time. I mean, if nothing else you already know that you have something in common in with other people in the single rider line. You both love theme parks, and probably roller coasters, as that's where you tend to find single rider lines. And there have certainly been relationships started on less.

Of course, it is true that just because somebody is in the single rider line, it doesn't mean they're actually single. Large groups who are willing to get split up will certainly head that way to get on the ride faster, and there's always the possibility that single looking person has a group with him that simply did not want to ride the attraction, so tread carefully. Don't be a creep.

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